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Finance for Agroecology: More Than Just a Dream?

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/09/30/finance-agroecology-more-just-dream

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Great article, timely and to the point. Note also that this article comes not only in the wake of the Money Flows report from IPES-Food and Biovision, but also just after the publication of the IAASTD +10 Book “Transforming our Food System:the making of a paradigm shift”. With the Gates Foundation,WEF and Syngenta railroaded UN Food System Summit planned for 2021,it’s essential that decision makers,consumers and all concerned about food and nutrition security in the long term be well informed about Agroecology (AE) the resilient, social responsible and environmentally sound way ahead,under which umbrella we count regenerative,organic,permaculture,drawdown contributing practices at different levels.Details on AE definitions can be read on the Biovision Agroecology pool and FAO 10 elements of agroecology sites.


Hi greyherren:
All these ideas seem wonderful Is there something that can also be one with creating food islands? I read about what the Netherlands was doing with cattle and what they did was set up islands where the cattle could graze—this created a kind of floating cattle space as there was not enough space on the nation’s land anymore.I am wondering if more food islands would work in other parts if the globe as the growing spaces for crops and animals is disappearing.

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This article does a great job discussing the problem, but it offers little in the way of solutions.

There is already significent development showing the way with solar greenhouses, hydroponics, and aquaculture. This type of agriculture typically uses only 10% of the water needed by conventional soil-based agriculture. And food production can be as high as 3-5 times more compared to same area of soil farms.

This article offers a excellent opportunity to do an extensive followup article discussing alternatives to soil-based agriculture.

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Interestingly the royal family of the UK is doing their part. They eat and drink biodynamic. But the article states that UK is not funding agroecokogy at all. Why would you want to provide the people with the benefits of a food system that you so enjoy?
Biodynamic vineyards in CA have survived the fires much better than conventional vineyards. The soil of biodynamic vineyards retain much more moisture I hear that the wine may have a smoky flavor.
Netflix just released a film that covers regenerative farming and the potential to reverse global warming, “Kiss the Ground” Well done. People can help turn the tide every day b eating grass fed dairy, meat and eggs. They can also grow their own organically. Havana grows 60% of its food in the city as we did during WWII in Victory Gardens.


Thank you for the article.
Keep up the good work.

Support for agroecology is a great idea, but we have to see that it does not get usurped by superficial and one-size-fits all solutions or worse–just greenwashing.

For those ends, it would be good to get specifics into these important pieces, where and when it can be done.

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Unfolding Upheaval:…Great Post… I am a student of Permaculture and Agroecology… we need more awareness of these in light of our collapsing life support systems and FOOD INSECURITY…

You may be interested in the following passage, …“Great Upheaval is underway in the world, an Upheaval that will manifest itself in many ways—in the growing fragility and difficulty in nations’ economies; the declining resources of the world and the impact that that will have on nations and peoples everywhere; the natural disasters that will increase because humanity has changed the climate of the world; and the loss of food production and arable lands as humanity has squandered its natural inheritance.”… from the article… “The Upheaval.”… from New Message for humanity.

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