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Financed by Tax on Wall Street Speculators, Sanders Plan Would Wipe Out All $1.6 Trillion in US Student Loan Debt

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/06/24/financed-tax-wall-street-speculators-sanders-plan-would-wipe-out-all-16-trillion-us


Bernie has bold ideas. So does Howie Hawkins.

And Howie didn’t take part in stealing the “Green New Deal.” He helped create it in 2010.


Thanks, will need an alternate when the DNC ambushes Bernie … again.
Haven’t voted for a Wall Street Democrat since mistakenly voted for BC in 92.


It is not just students who are saddled with debt for college, it is also their parents. Parents must disclose all of their financial information to colleges. What we were saving for retirement, the college saw as money that we could give to our daughter. So we lost our retirement savings and had to start over and she came away with considerable debt. And that was many years ago before colleges turned from school buildings into fancy resorts. Money was made from a new industry of constant campus expansion paid for by loans tto students and their parents. That debt is something that might never go away unless one can land a very high paying job and marry someone with a high paying job and put off having children until it might be too late. College has turned into a scam as it does not pay back what it now costs. Somebody makes money off of it but not the students.


While not wanting to judge the motives of a persons vote, we should understand that the Bush and Trump elections were close enough to flip with a few million more votes.

As far as congress goes, we have weeded out some of the worst on the left, but have a ways to go yet.

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We don’t need tricky plans for taxes. We need a straight-up steeply graduated income tax schedule that tops out at 90% on incomes of over $1 billion and estates of over $1 billion to tax billionaires out of existance, and put a major hurtin’ on multi-multi millionaires. The few decades we had high marginal income tax rates were the most egalitarian in our history and the time period of greatest prosperity for the most people. That was no coincidence. We can have the programs we need - taken out of the hides of the super-rich and corporations. Make no bones about it.


Howie is a solid candidate and I wish him well - but I hope his campaign doesn’t focus on this type of messaging. The progressive Democrats like AOC who are picking up the mantle of the Green New Deal deserve our support. They are taking a good stance that shouldn’t be demeaned just because others were saying even bolder things earlier.


During his 2016 campaign, Bernie explained in detail on his website how the funding would work for each of his initiatives. Bernie is the most responsible person in this race, both to the People and to Reality.
Bernie 2020!


Changing Republicans is not the problem … changing DNC from the Wall Street bosom is the problem. More of the same will not bring in ‘millions’ of voters. Another ‘anybody’ but Trump campaign will be the same failure as 2016. Biden’s ‘I love you guys’ (like, I’m one of you) to Wall Street has already got him scratched off my list. Not to mention, I may be one of the worst on the left … whatever that means?


A Modern Day Robinhood is exactly what we need!


well, it won’t pass, but I appreciate the thought.
few things are more odious than unpayable debt that can’t be discharged.


BTW … It would be nice to see a televised debate amongst the Green Party candidates for President like Dario Hunter, Howie Hawkins, and Sedinam Moyowasifza-Curry. The Green Party nominating process needs to be seen more transparently by the voters and their candidate needs to be seen on the national stage earlier in the process.

[edit: Oops - I stupidly posted before looking this up. A Green Party Presidential debate is already scheduled for September 20th at Ball State University. And this is just one in a series that I hope gets some prime time coverage]


The Sales Tax on Wall Street transactions is log overdue.
I pay my gross receipts tax on services I provide.
So should they.

And please don’t call it a robin hood tax, that is just fodder for dismissal.
It is a gross receipts tax for services provided, same as everyone else.


Quitting isn’t a good option, here. You are giving the neolibs and Republicans just what they want.

Are you a DNC candidate… the MO looks familiar.

I’m not sure you should be posting since you think that to promote a good idea is “stealing”. The Republican propaganda is strong in PonyBoy.

Sanders never claimed to invent the good ideas; he just has the good sense to elevate good ideas. Which is unlike the DNC which helped Hillary elevate tRump.

Has C-span been covering the Green Party/Howie Hawkins?
I’ve been watching but not as much as I’d like –
Overnight, they covered one of Bernie Sanders’ campaign stops in South
I hope to see it again because he seemed to have addressed the issue of
the rather strange polls that have Biden leading – challenging all of that,
including in the South where he said he was leading. Got tuned in late to
that part of it, near the end.

Don’t forget, Bernie endorsed Hillary once she and her attack dogs in the DNC did everything in their power to belittle him.

And that’s why he’s politically still relevant and will be on the debate stage. He also told his supporters to vote their conscience.
As far as Howie Hawkins goes, I can’t find the interview, but I do recall one where he was absolutely not supportive of Julian Assange. I believe the Green Party hasn’t yet selected their candidate. I hope this is a big part of their debate and platform. I voted for Stein in the last two elections. I’m less happy with Hawkins if that’s his position. I think Sanders and Gabbard are stronger contenders.

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The Green Party has a more aggressively progressive platform than either side of the Duopoly. The Green Party’s “Green New Deal,” hasn’t been adulterated by corporate influence as the Democratic Party’s version has.

I’ll be interested in seeing any interview with Howie about his opinions on Julian Assange.

I’ll reserve any comments until then.

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You can bet your last dollar that Bernie will be ambushed again for no other reason than making the banks charge off the $1.6 Trillion student debt. Does anyone really think that amount debt will go unchallenged?