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Finding My Students Over Zoom

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/09/15/finding-my-students-over-zoom

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Teaching is the test

Hi Tim,

I wonder what you’ve hear about efforts to move to more online learning. I’ve been hearing a lot, all the way from K-16 to PhD programs.

At the K-12 level, local public school, particularly in communities with low-wealth, schools are hopelessly lacking in funding. One solution that is getting support is the notion of replacing live, in-person, teaching with online learning (at least for some of the programs). The thought is that, for a fraction of the cost on one teacher’s yearly salary, you can have a contract worker make a series of videos that multiple classrooms of students use year, after year.

With respect to post-secondary education, colleges and universities are in free fall. One suggestion is to more education to online formats. Again, the vision is that most teaching can be done as a one time fee for payment to produce educational videos that will be used by classes upon classes for years to come. I would tend not to put confidence in such predictions, but the impending economic collapse will be so cataclysmic, that I feel schools will feel that these changes are necessary for their financial survival



Thanks, Tim! I’m starting my first online course in a couple of weeks, after many years of teaching college conversational English in person overseas. I have used some of your techniques for years and I am grateful to my school for giving me the freedom to develop my own curriculum. I also give assignments where the students talk in pairs, and then in groups, skill that some students still need to develop.