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Finding Peace at the Heart of Grief


Finding Peace at the Heart of Grief

Robert C. Koehler

A young, much-beloved woman was gang-raped three years ago on a bus in Delhi and a culture exploded.

The documentary India’s Daughter, which addresses the horrific rape-murder and its aftermath, is part of that explosion of awareness, aimed straight at the heart of India’s cultural dismissal of women as full-fledged members of society and full-fledged human beings. It opens up a world where people can still say: “A decent girl won’t roam around at 9 o’clock. A girl is far more responsible for a rape than a boy.”


senseless tragedy.


Thank you for being a sponsor of this film festival, Mr. Koehler. I hope it raises YOUR consciousness since you so often shy away from any subject that shows the particulars of sexism and/or misogyny. Maybe this film will provide you with a watershed moment.