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'Findings Should Inspire Naked Fear': Canada Warming at Twice the Global Rate

'Findings Should Inspire Naked Fear': Canada Warming at Twice the Global Rate

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

Canada is warming twice as fast as the rest of the world, according to a new government report that provoked impassioned calls to urgently address human activities that produce planet-heating emissions.

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On Netflix now is a 10 part series called “The Polar Sea” which features historical and recent attempts to navigate the Northwest Passage. There are many references to the phenomenon of global warming and its effects on the lands and peoples of the North. Very informative and timely. Combined with the recent information about the massive Thwaites Glacier in Antarctica and its imminent breakup and it looks like we are screwed for the long term. The effects that we are experiencing now are the result of inputs into the atmosphere/ocean interface from decades ago. Imagine what is in store for us when the effects of the current emissions (especially the greatly increased methane variants) take hold in the 2020s and beyond.
BTW, there were also interviews with some oil workers on Alaska’s North Slope and, predictably, one of them said that he thought that global warming was a “big hoax”. Probably voted for the Orange Pustule in the White House who wants to “open up” the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge and huge amounts of offshore sites.


I am sorry…but…beware, be aware…Greta was correct when she said she wanted them to panic…be afraid but do not panic…there is so much more that isn’t being said…last week it was 70+ degrees in parts of Alaska, just a little cooler than here in AZ…

On the right hand side click on the arrow to get the articles from March. Be informed, beware, be aware, most of all, Be Kind.


Tick…tick…tick…that’s the sound of the methane bomb getting ready to explode.


Another Corporate lickspittle . The claim that burning tar sands oil so as to invest the revenues earned in Green Technologies is about the stupidest thing I ever heard. This akin to a guy trying to raise money for a life saving operation he needs by jumping out of an airplane at 20000 feet without a parachute and raising money via sponsors that pledge to pay 1 dollar for every foot he falls.


Yes, one can speculate that the unnatural warming could be karmic punishment for their misleaders’ unnatural interest in tar sands.


Trust me, we have idiots up here that think a warmer Canada would be great for the economy as more land would open up for farming and our winters would not be so cold.

Denial. Soon to be a dried up river in Egypt.


Yes, those pesky idiots are proliferating, for several obvious reasons.

The time foe revolution hasn’t been better. Even the children get it but the moneyed interests have their heads up their asses. Bees gone butterflies gone song birds gone, dragon flies, polar bears, marine life and now all amphibians are being killed off


Yeah it’s like eating your poop to stay alive

That maybe true for Canada and coolder places but the rest of the world will turn into baron deserts, what good will a milder Canada be without the rest of the world.

Scary, we are threatened with mass extinction of humans and most other living creatures, but here is the deal - no one nation can take any kind of action that will slow or reverse what is occurring on a world wide basis, it demands unified action from every nation on this spaceship earth both in carbon use elimination and designing some way to remove it from the atmosphere. But since nothing serious is being done it seems we are resigned and doomed to experience the absolute worst. Blind greed wins and all of us lose.


Now read this little snippet:

Seems like a competition between canada and norway. What a fucking mess we have made of this beautiful planet.


Hey Canada, that “hopey-changy” thing seems to be working out about as well for you as it did for your southern bully of a neighbor. Maybe J.Trudeau will get an invitation from Richard Branson to windsurf when he leaves office or $400K “your welcome” speeches to Wall St. J.Trudeau’s dad would be ashamed of him. “I think that the only ultimate guide we have is our conscience, and if the law of the land goes against our conscience I think we should disobey the law.”…PT


I met a young canadian (25 years old) just last week who was cycling through spain. We talked about climate change and when i asked him if he believed the scientists when they estimate we have approx 12 years to get our act together (ha ha) he didn’t bat an eyelid. He just said 2 to 5 years.


Look at each person’s expression as they look at Clueless Trueblue.


It looks like the recent 12 year estimates were a bit off, we need to act yesterday.


The root cause of 99.44% of the earth’s problems is gross overpopulation by humans.  Religion is the manure that feeds that root.

Probabobbley all the Fat Cats will buy up Canada and moove they’re mansions their, so it will knot bee mush of a refuge four us irregular peeple if they take awl the rhume.  Butt aye due think naming all the barren deserts for Tweetle-Dumb’s son Baron by his third wife / forty-seventh mistress is a grate idea!!


Yes. I hadn’t noticed. Bored/pissed off/murderous.

What is the source of this quote?