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Finland Proposes Taxing the Rich to Take in More Refugees


Finland Proposes Taxing the Rich to Take in More Refugees

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

Finland on Thursday proposed raising taxes on high earners to help pay for an influx of refugees that is expected to arrive later this year from war-torn regions in the Middle East and Africa.

Finance Minister Alexander Stubb said the highest bracket of earners would pay one percent more on capital gains taxes, while those who make more than $81,000 USD (72,300 euros) a year would pay what Stubb referred to as a "solidarity tax."


Finland still seems to have a Democracy.

Here in Canada there overwhelming public support to let in more refugees. This has caused a lot of friction on the election campaign with the Conservative party as some feel the apparent stinginess will cost them the election .

Herr Harper tries to assure the public that he will do all he can to expedite the process. At the same time he is suggesting in his speeches that there a threat of ISIS members mingling in with the refugees and that the security of Canadians is first and foremost.

In order to sell this message he will ramp up the fear.


There is a similar mood here in the good ole USA. But then many of the world's wisest, in suggesting that one should love one's neighbor, never said look out for the terrorist by refusing to help. It seems that when one is walking the path of a true human, self defense is the least of concerns. The greatest concern, according to many teachers, is giving of one's self for the betterment of another.


Their rich probably own a lot of their money in US stocks (including WAR, Inc.); it's probably not a bad bet.


Finland's apparent "democratic" intentions should be read with caution; it would be wise to remember that Alexander Subb, Finland's foreign minister has been one of Greece's/Syriza's most virulent critics.


Wow! What a novel idea of taxing the rich, something the US should consider, especially when so many of the 'rich' hide their money overseas and don't bother to pay any taxes at all. Even considering eliminating the enormous subsidies to major corporations would be a novel idea worthy of some serious consideration.
The idea that tiny Finland is considering helping 3 times as many refugees as the US is an embarrassment beyond words, but there is that huge possibility that among those refugees there might be a terrorist would keep the fear factor at fever pitch to make the high alert scale of the homeland security flash red and the refugees would have to live in fear just as they did when fleeing their own countries. The US policy regarding anyone 'foreign' would not make for a comfortable welcome for refugees entering this country. However, the oddball ,ordinary citizens could actually prove the government, the lawmakers and the media all up-side-down with their military mentality and ideology by offering sanctuary with open hearts.


Yes but that but one voice elected to their Government. A Democracy is allowed those politicans that are wrong and have viewpoints one can not concur with. To be Democratic however , should the overhwelming voice of the peoples of Finland be "we support Syriza" , than that one politican best take heed.

The peoples have Finland have seen the suffering of the Syrians and those other refugees and want to do more to help. I can not envision them turning there backs on the working people of Greece were they made aware of what truly goes on there.


Let us assume we have a roomful of peoples. There some 600 in the room. 400 people have 2 glasses of water to drink per day and 2000 calories of food. 199 of those people have neither food or water. One person has 25 million gallons of water and 5000000 calories worth of food available each and every day.

Are you suggesting that those who barely have enough for themselves should give their own food and water so that it "fair"?

The way the goods are distributed is already NOT FAIR. One person has far more than he can ever need or use and that surplus of water and food is more than enough to feed and provide water to those 199 without. This is just common sense.


I would say it is about time Canada lets in somebody. God save the Queen!


You would be far wrong in claiming that such wealth inequality "only exists in Communist Countries"

In the USA the top 1 percent control 90 percent of all wealth when one accounts assets as measured against debt.
In the USA the average worker has to work for a month to earn what the average CEO earns in an hour. This is 16000 percent.

The 85 richest people in the world are NOT Communists. They are capitalists and they control more wealth then 3.5 billion of the worlds poorest.

The scenario I used was divorcing money from the equation to make it clearer what you were suggesting. I did not suggest 40 percent of Americans are starving to death but apparently grasping the logic was beyond

In order to pay for those refugees MONEY is needed. Certain peoples have a surplus of it and others do not. That surplus in a country like the United States of America is exponential as it is in Finland. (Finland also has a policy of charging MORE for a traffic ticket based upon ones income. Again this is logical)

To your claim that Communist Countries have greater wealth Inequality. This is absolutely false and akin to the war is peace argument. GINI is a measure of INCOME not wealth and even with that the GINI in a country like Cuba is lower then the GINI in the USA. When one factors in wealth the discrepancy is even greater.

To your suggestion that it the Capitalism is an incentive to creating more wealth more nonsense. Capitalism merely externalizes costs and steals off future generations. It creates the "illusion" of wealth by monetizing and privatizing what was once owned in common. It theft.

To your claim that US Citizens better off than in any other country in the world. Wrong again. The median wealth of a number of countries is far greater than the USA. This is due to those other countries having more progressive forms of taxation and better redistribution of wealth via social program spending. If you want to make comparisons you have to make them like for like. You can not compare what is claimed is the richest country in the world to its poorest and arrive at the conclusion "this proves capitalism superior" . That utter nonsense given most of those developing countries follow the Capitalist model.

Mexico is Capitalist. Haiti Is capitalist.


Please note that most of us Finnish citizens are against this invasion and want to close the borders. The military should start doing their duty and turn the tide back to Sweden. It is time for that now. Schengen (the idea of free mobility within the EU) was a big mistake and as a result the clock is ticking for the European culture.
In this article, the wording "plans to accepting 30000", is in conflict with local newspapers saying "prepares for up to 30000". Anyway, mostly young men are coming and it is soo easy to "reunite families" ie wife and kids follow :frowning: