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Finnish Newspaper Welcomes Trump and Putin With Billboard Promoting 'Free Press'


Finnish Newspaper Welcomes Trump and Putin With Billboard Promoting 'Free Press'

Jon Queally, staff writer

Like every other place the U.S. president has traveled in Europe over the last week, large protests also took place in the Finnish capitol of Helsinki on Sunday—a day ahead of a highly anticipated and much-hyped meeting with his Russian counterpart, President Vladimir Putin.

Both leaders were also greeted with a large billboard advertisement purchased by Helsingin Sanomat, the nation's largest newspaper, which bashed the Trump and Putin as being enemies of journalism and a free press.



It’s always good to have CD staff writers keeping critical of corporate media’s
“lap dog” reporting; but when St. Augustine was talking about
truth, " truth is like a lion, let it go free and it will defend itself;" he was prophetically describing Julian Assange, the lion of truth in captivity.


Does free press means saying what you want them to say?
Or does it mean looking for what is wrong in society?
Can a free press discuss what government contractors are doing?
Can a free press discuss war?
Can a free press talk about disgusting practices called experiments that governments do?
Can a free pres discuss global warming and weather engineering in detail?
Can a free press purposely distort to truth to achieve a minority of people’s aims?
Can a free press criticize religious practices?


Free press? The Deep State owns the free press.


I failed to say this under the other stories related to Trumps travels through western Europe, and that was a mistake.
To all the countries and protesters who have put up with, and confronted our disgusting leader,
You have given the world a gift that shouldn’t be overlooked, something the majority of my fellow citizens have failed to do. You recognized and stood up to a bully, a narcissist, a racist, and a fascist, and you should be proud of you’re selves. I hope you’re courage will become contagious with my fellow countrymen.


“…this is your God…”

theoldgoat, you have out-done yourself with this one, well done Sir.


The Finnish are “finicky” that way.


“Fuck you both” from the article. Says it all.

Soneone should remind dump of this.


Now baby dump is coming to a town near you.


Yes, and one of the things Trump wants to learn from Putin is how to copy Putin’s his wildly successful methods at persecuting journalists so he can reigning in this “corporate deep state liberal free press”.

But guess what? Do you really think fascists like Trump and Putin distinguish criticism coming from the industrial corporate media from the (more severe) criticism of independent leftists? A fascist directs deadly oppression at all their opponents - especially those independent ones on the left. Mexico and Putin’s Russia are illustrative.

Try to carry a sign and give a speech critical of Putin in Red Square - like you can still, for now, do on any street corner at lunchtime in any US city. The Russian police will be on top of you in seconds. Trump dearly wants that kind of power.


Hurrah for the Finns and the US! I’d been hoping to see this.

And Trump has increased in arrogance, if that is possible:

Trump administration to seek direct talks with the Taliban
today from Axios

Maybe they will shoot him…


The US has a lot of damn gall judging any country on its press freedom (or human rights in general, or fair trade policies, or environmental or labor standards, etc.).


Weare looking directly into the glassy eyes of our countries lifeless dead corps. Traded in a vibrant democracy for a stupid economic policy that shovels massive wealth to the already wealthy. Wisconsin is giving billions to a Chinese company to build a slave labor factory making Apple stuff. WOW, it’s sheer genius I tells ya. And when the billions run out Foxconn will move.