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Fire and Fury Like the World Has Never Seen

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/09/21/fire-and-fury-world-has-never-seen


Tom makes many very salient points that cannot be denied, his images are stark and important; is forecast is bleak - not least of which, by inference, is the fact that 4 more years of the nightmare regime of the moron-in-chief will spell the end of way too frelling much including life forms and their habitats, far-more valued and important than that of djt - the bloated orange sphincter…
We are in a bad place people, a tight spot, and it will take everyone of us that still possesses a heart, mind, and empathy; concern for the Common Good and Mother Earth, to at least begin to try to slow and only maybe halt the slide into oblivion and more Hell on Earth…


Karen Davis is the President and Founder of United Poultry Concerns, a nonprofit organization that promotes the compassionate and respectful treatment of domestic fowl including a sanctuary for chickens in Virginia.

In an open letter to the editors of The Guardian, regarding its publication of Sarah Mock’s article, “From Farm to Factory,” Davis discusses…“the maniacal brutality and pitilessness of the poultry industry toward defenseless birds who are put through hell for a product that no one needs; and even if it were needed, such harsh mistreatment of our fellow creatures could never be justified. There is nothing in the nature and normal experience of chickens that even begins to compare with the horrific aggression of human beings toward them.” She calls “farmed” animals “trapped in the hell of humanity.”


When I raised some chickens from Murray McMurray chicks-in-the-mail, just for eggs, some years ago, (that USPS is a thing of the past no doubt) I would lay in the grass with them and let them wander around, and they would snuggle into my neck in a very loving way - the way animals are treated in one article or another often just make me cry.- when innocence and trust are violated with such depraved indifference I just can’t take it sometimes (much more often than not)…Peace


I just heard that the US has 4% of the World’s population, but 21% of the World’s Covid cases. Now consider that for over a century or more, the US with it’s small share of the population, annually produced 25% of the World’s pollution. Now isn’t it interesting how those numbers correlate? It is almost as if the US deserves the horrors it is experiencing, since they were potentially created there to begin with, or maybe its just circumstantial.

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He didn’t mention two other elements in this article-water and air. The tropical systems in the Atlantic are much stronger than before, releasing more water. The warmer the air, the more water vapor it can absorb as potential energy(Meteorology 101). And, once cooled by either convection, like a thunderstorm or tropical system, orographic lifting, like over a mountain range, or frontal lifting, like a warm or cold front, it will release all that potential energy into kinetic energy with lots and lots of rain.
More ice melted today. A lot more ice. Sea level rise leads to greater storm surges and also provides more fuel for tropical storms.
One last element-earth. We haven’t yet seen an increase in volcanic activity. All the models show this will happen as the earth warms.
No, we ain’t seen nothin’ yet. But…keep drivin’ those mammoth pickup trucks to where ever. Keep drivin’ your personal car just a block or two instead of using a bicycle or just walking. Well, I know there are no sidewalks or bike lanes and that motor vehicles will use you as a speed bump. What you do is get a group together and claim your rightful space.


Donald Trump makes me more and more glad . . . that I’m a Canadian, living in Canada.
I feel terribly sorry for my American friends and family.


You sound like my son. He lives in Canada too. Canadians still can’t cross the border into the U.S. My son says he doesn’t know when that will change and that Americans are CRAZY!!! Haven’t seen him in a year! Awfulness!!!

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We are already in a civil war. A portion of American politicians and American militias and just Americans are utterly lawless. So far, they do not appear to be organized, but they are trying. Trump is trying.

I’m frightened of both the short-term (election) and long-term future (fascism and climate collapse). I’m frightened of other Americans. Just going to the grocery store is an exercise in misanthropy.