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Fire Erupts Again at Houston-Area Chemical Plant as Public Remains in Dark


Fire Erupts Again at Houston-Area Chemical Plant as Public Remains in Dark

Andrea Germanos, staff writer


The Houston Chronicle reports that Arkema is refusing a chemical inventory and facility map to the public, one day after promising to provide the information because CEO Richard Rowe wants the “public to be secure”?

All I can say is that chemical stew must be very toxic! No Richard! It is not about the public being secure, it is really about Arkema being secure from future lawsuits!


If not mistaken, it is legal for Arkema and all similar companies in Texas to not have to disclose the contents of their facilities.

That may not have been the case in 2013, when the fertilizer plant in West, Texas exploded, but after that tragedy, the then-attorney general (and now Trumpanzee governor Abbot) pushed through legislation that allowed companies like Arkema to not disclose their operation to the [chuckle] public.


All this makes me think of are the disasters of Bhopal, India or Fukushima, Japan and how much worse that could be. If the toxic poisons don’t kill us first, we have global warming or nuclear poisoning either by reactors or war. Wonderful, the supposedly clever humans have exterminated themselves. And people wondered why I didn’t want or have any children. And yes, I feel sorry for the youth coming along and the world the last 2-3 generations have left them. The disasters will certainly be coming with greater frequency these days. There’s a Native American Term called Wetiko that describes this country’s attitude. There’s 99 nuclear reactors in the US alone and who knows how many world wide. I think the species,(humans) days are numbered, again, sorry young people for the world that’s being left to you.


Better living with chemistry…
Well, cough, cough, cough…
Choke, choke…
Ugh! Gotta go!


More proof that we do not live in a democracy; but a corportocracy!


As I’ve said to skeptical faces, we are, in effect, helpless before corporations.


By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.”
― Benjamin Franklin
The only thing worse than being blind is having sight and no vision. Hellen Keller


Look up the Clinton/Gore administration “reimagining” government and how that affected federal/state regulations in Texas and elsewhere. The environment was turned over to companies decades ago and each time there is a disaster “there are lessons to be learned.” The only lesson is this: in a capitalist political-economy, capitalists do whatever they damned well please. There, I just saved you alot of work.


International Business Times sez: “Less than four months ago, Arkema pressed the EPA to repeal the chemical plant safety rule, criticizing the rule’s provisions that require chemical companies to disclose more information to the public.”

Gosh. One would almost think they had something to hide.


No argument, TJ.
But for some of us, it doesn’t end there.


Yes, all Americans are at the mercy of the dictatorial, military,industrial, corporate,congressional, complex.


That must be what makes us Exceptional.


Remember West, Texas’s West Fertilizer Companies ammonium nitrate explosion that almost blew up the entire town in 2013? That plant was located right next to the towns middle school by the way, and very near a 50 unit two floor apartment complex, both leveled. Well right after that Governor Abbot, and company in 2015 signed into Texas law HB 942 which transfers Tier II chemical reporting program from the Department of State Health Services to Texas Commission on Environmental Quality. Basically this means the public does not have the right to know what is in these plants unless the Texas government says so. Reason given for HB 942, don’t want them stinking terrorist to know what is in these plants. Also, them there damn investigative reporters, mostly. Finally, Crosby, Texas is in the greater Houston area and is basically no zoning laws, so a chemical plant can be built next to a school? WTF!



“… petitions from the American Chemistry Council and a handful of other chemical manufacturing corporations, oil and gas companies, and trade organizations asked the agency to reconsider the [Risk Management Program] rule. Even after receiving thousands of public comments, including those from individuals from low-income communities and communities of color that face the greatest risks from RMP facilities urging the EPA to enforce the rule as planned, the EPA sided with industry and went forward with its decision to delay.” The effort to claw back the rule, separate reporting by IBT shows, “was backed by top Texas Republican lawmakers, who have received big campaign donations from chemical industry donors.”

The fact that 1) petitions from “interested parties” in industry are moved to the front of the political line because 2) politicians receive big “campaign donations” from these interested parties, should demonstrate beyond any conceivable doubt, to any rational observer, that “our system” is horrifically corrupt, and NOT “democracy.”

The question then is, what to do about this? How to disempower the private interests that front these industries and corrupt politics with their looted wealth, and democratize the political economy?

i do not believe that “getting money out of politics” is anywhere near a sufficient goal. We need to completely transform ownership and control of industry, and change the whole construct of “ownership” across the board.


The rhetorical loops of the media speak for their overlords while the legal system is being skinned inside out. The goal?
inverted totalitarianism by synecdoche


Does anyone know whether Texas law allows this company to withhold such information from the fire department and the police? If I was a fire responder down there, I would refuse to go near the place.


If we’re going to have to fight over this, then the root cause must be at least one of the reasons for fighting and therefore one of the things we must demand to be fixed. Money in politics is the root cause for corporations running our show right now. That show is rightly called: fascism. I guess its going to take a really big mistake of heinous proportions for people to do something/anything to try and stop it.


This was an act of God.

Now we understand that acts of God are generally acts of grey-suited grafters who wouldn’t do evil acts and blame God when, not if, things go wrong if only they were scared of personally getting a year in the pen for manslaughter.

Too many grafters go to big money churches where silk-suited preachers…


Free market worshipers with their belief that the market is all omnipotent and omniscience refuse to see it is devoid of morals. To give power to an economy directed without morals is ludicrous and a disaster waiting.