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Fire Ravages Tennessee in One of Southeast's Worst Blazes in Decades


Fire Ravages Tennessee in One of Southeast's Worst Blazes in Decades

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

Wildfires tore through Tennessee on Monday and continued into Tuesday, forcing the evacuation of the tourist resort town of Gatlinburg and several nearby communities.

At least 14,000 people were forced to flee Monday night amid what noted climatologist Bob Henson said appeared to be "the most damaging wildland fire to strike a Southeast U.S. community in many decades."


Read "Weather as a Force Factor, a paper that defines the weaponization of war. The control of weather means the control of rain, earthquakes, flooding and other "natural" events. Using Tesla and other technology, weather is now controlled. The Southeastern US drought has not just "happened" it has been created. The drought is an evil because it was avoidable. DARPA has created a horrible situation in California and the Southeast US. Watch Why In The World Are They Spraying? Subscribe to geoengineering watch. This is a crime against the planet and the people. Read Prof Choussudovsky's The Ultimate Weapon of Mass Destruction: “Owning the Weather” for Military Use. If you don't get up on your hind legs and howl, you're not human.


The slow-motion physics of Earth's heat budget (how much sunlight hits the planet, minus how much heat escapes) is cause enough for despair: the climate today was locked in a couple of decades ago, while the carbon dumped into the air today foreshadows unimaginable misery 20 years hence. We can't grasp the enormity of the damage our carbon emissions are causing because the full extent is so very delayed.

But in addition to that difficulty, we are faced with the death of truth, of a culture impervious to objectively verifiable facts in all domains. Not all the willful ignorance presents as right-wing corporate nihilism, either. Exponents of climate ignorance from the (relative) left range from green-growth fantasists to chemtrails and HAARP lunatics.

The combination of these two factors - an unprecedented global ecocide, together with a flat refusal to even attempt understanding - almost certainly dooms complex (multicellular) Life on Earth.


Get ready for more fires Tennessee. YOUR PRESIDENT-ELECT TRUMP certainly appears as though he will do absolutely everything he can to worsen the ongoing climate catastrophe.


But this story is obviously a trick by Al Gore to make Red States look foolish. Global Warming is a hoax, remember?


Tennessee is unceded Cherokee land and to witness the ecological disaster that was primarily initiated by the culture of greed that not only displaced the original inhabitants of Tennessee but murdered and displaced First Nations Peoples across the US is to bear painful witness to its stupidity for it now consumes the very support system of us all.

I recommend reading A Peoples History of the United States by Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz to get a sense of just how well the First Nations, in time, learned how to manage. the land


HAARP and weather control. US Air Force admits it can control weather (geopolitics.co), 6/6/2015.


Check Methane gas and its heat trapping ability, makes carbon look like small change.


Methane (CH4) is a carbon molecule, like carbon dioxide (CO2) - that is: "carbon emissions" refers to both gases.


And Senator Corker (climate change denier), R-TN is on the short list for Secy of State...while Rome (Tennessee) is burning. When, in recorded history, have the states of Tennessee, NC, and GA suffered such an extensive and long-lasting drought? Yeah, I thought so. Keep on denying and you, too cannot avoid dying.