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Fire Remains Hot as Bernie Takes West Virginia


Fire Remains Hot as Bernie Takes West Virginia

Robert Borosage

West Virginia really likes Bernie Sanders. He swept the Democratic primary yesterday, winning 51.4 percent to Clinton’s 36 percent, even in the face of the mainstream media essentially declaring the race over.


I disagree with your last statement. Trump has a very good chance of winning and that is because of HRC herself. Her message is dull, vague, neoliberal and woefully outdated. She believes in nothing and everything at the same time. Her campaign has been consistently uninspiring and tone deaf. Let's face it, if you have to pay people to show up at your rallies, something is seriously wrong. Trump on the other hand is bold in his message (not to be confused with correct or smart), thus he comes across as a dynamic leader. He speaks his mind (not a good thing) but he doesn't back down. The latter quality makes him attractive and this why people will vote for him, particularly in times of economic uncertainty. Mark my words, watch what will happen when he pulls out the old "Time to stop the gravy train". This is code for "Look at HRC and her kiss up cronies, hoping for a few crumbs to be thrown their way". It works and she will have no defense.

Only 32% of the American public votes in a presidential campaign, thus it will be those voters who are most energized that show up. That means Trump supporters. If you think that Bernie supporters are going to show up in large numbers for HRC, I think you are sadly mistaken.


"Americans are not going to elect Donald Trump president of the United States"

Another professional that's out of touch with the reality of the whole Trump thing. Or is it just raw propaganda? Everyone on both sides of this crooked, corrupt and murderous two-headed political apparatus is seemingly coming together for one thing: self-preservation of the status quo. Given that we need a rebellion, a revolution, why should we forgo an opportunity to start one if we're so adamant about stopping the Forever War, along with the other atrocities we allow the power elites to commit upon the world--as well as on ourselves? If Sanders fails to get the nomination (as is likley), then let Mr. Trump crack the door open, then go from there. For far too long now the behavior of Washington has been totally unacceptable. It must be stopped from gallantly killing people, destroying things and basically fucking up everything in it's path so these creatures can revel in their sadistic egos and bank accounts . In a perfect world the answer would be Bernie Sanders, in a not so perfect world, it might be Donald Trump. No one ever said a revolution would be pretty, nor will ours.


Here we go again, this column could self write, it's the same old Clinton promotion through the back door. It's of the form, start with a few positives about Bernie's latest victory, then not so subtly, work in the tacit assumption that in the end it's going to be Hillary. Does Mr. Borosage really think Bernie's energetic followers are going to transfer that energy to Clinton? Borosage, Katrina vanden Heuvel, Robert Kuttner, et. al., are all from the same mold, milquetoast liberals, encouraging voters to be satisfied with the Republican in designer pant suits. Each week I expect this column from him, sadly, he never disappoints. Apparently Borosage must think the spectacle of Hillary losing her way to the nomination is a plus. Hillary is not an option.


What a crock. You try to manipulate progressive people by telling them to vote for Trump so that he can make things get much worse and that will cause widespread upheaval and unrest and spark some sort of a revolution or a rebellion. You are just a troll or a shill or someone who thinks progressives are stupid for being people of good will and caring about anything more than just themselves. Maybe you are an agent provocateur who thinks messing with those liberals is all a big joke. Maybe you just hate and figure Trump will 'kick ass' and build a wall and all that crap.

But slick and savvy you are not despite your delusional aspirations to being a psyops operative... We aren't that stupid. People of good will actually have good will towards others and don't need to see it all be brought down even if some few individuals bring hate to these comments from somewhere else. They are not us. Outsiders often do not understand the tradition of criticizing the government that exists in a free people. We want to change things for the better not destroy things and make everything worse.

Were you feeling impressive Michael?

Gee sorry. Lol


The fire for Bernie is very hot. People have ignored the pundits and looked for the truth, an awakening of sorts. It has made me proud to be American again. Just to know so many are of the same mind as Bernie.
The DNC had better take note of this fact because the fire won't go out if she is the nominee and Bernie supporters will not be there for her. You have to tear down the old to build the new and if she loses to Trump, which I'm convinced she will, maybe then the Democratic party will realize they have to change or get out of the way.


Clinton might end up a stronger candidate as a result.

In your dreams.


Except if Trump wins then it won't be only a mere wait of four years till the next election like Trump won't actually do anything. Would you elect Cheney and say 'then maybe the Dems would wake up'? Remember Reagan and the damage that gets done. I can imagine that Trump would very quickly develop a taste for political power to match his wealth. Maybe Trump would become an American Putin - that is, an autocrat. He does what he wants not what he is supposed to do. The constitution? Shall we put it on hold for a Trump term and expect it to be there afterwards?

Trump may cloak his intentions with typical entertainment values and skills, he is entertaining and gets a rise out of folks as we see but he is tapping a source of insensitivity and intolerance that could easily infect our population. Some might first get excited and some might begin to fear opposing those who shout them down and some will retreat from the whole scene but nobody will escape the damage that get us done to who we are in this country. Just talking about banging on doors and rounding people up is bad news but what if he actually does it? What if we elect an entertaining Mussolini?

Ever consider that it might be hard to undo that damage much less come back from it? What if people become afraid? Fascism feeds on fear. Trump brings fear into the mix but tempers it by doing it in an entertaining way. Nevertheless he does open those doors and has already.


"Americans are not going to elect Donald Trump president of the United States."

I sure hope not.


In Bernie's speech last night in Salem, Oregon, he pointed out that his campaign had again won a large majority of the vote of those under 45 years old, across all gender and racial demographics. It is clear that the days are numbered for the Neoliberal Democratic Party and from now on we can expect a more democratic Democratic party fueled by the energy of the young.

I recently came across a newly-formed group of members of the Sanders campaign and supporters called Brand New Congress. This is the type of grassroots movement Bernie has been talking about:


This group has understood Sanders' message of Political Revolution which to me means taking back our government from the control of corporations, one congressman and congresswoman at a time.

History will mark 2016 as the election in which Bernie Sanders lost the battle but won the war.


The dominant white male mistaking HIS position(s) for those of everyone else.

The time of the patriarch and what HE has done to the earth in the form of dominating, exploiting, abusing, desecrating, and devaluing all other LIFE forms is nearly over.


You've been a naked Trump supporter here since your screen name popped up.

The EMPATHY deficit that's a dis-ease in so many white males has them INURED to what Trump means to brown people, black people, women, and anything from the natural world that can be turned into dollar signs regardless of the far more profound losses contingent on this form of capitalistic exploitation.

I wonder how many who previously posted as Socialists or talked big about worker solidarity now line up behind Trump?


I wonder if the two parties will just sit back and let that happen? What we are seeing is that revolt or rather a challenge to the status quo. The 'Status Quo' (of both parties) will retrench and dig in far more openly to prevent challenges like this from happening again. They rigged this game to protect themselves and before their done whether through trade deals or capitulation stop the corporate coup, we will come upon them dug in like a tick next time. Bernie was the exception. His long record of honesty is an exception. Remind yourselves of how many voted against the war in Iraq. Bernie does what is right and very few do. See many others like Bernie?

They rigged the game and if they get away with it then we all should expect to pay a steep price for letting them do so. This election has been like no other election in the modern era. It is epic and historical in scope. This is the big one. The autocrat, the corporatist and the people's candidate.

If people don't stick up for their votes and support whom they choose then they will have surrendered their power of the vote. That will be how this election will be seen that even after rigging the game and disenfranchisement and all the rest that people let it stand that their votes didn't really matter after all.

This election will decide many things.


Hillary Clinton's arrogance, her airs of superiority, snobbery and entitlement remind me of Leona Helmsley. Not a person one would want to have a beer with. Imagine handing someone like this the powers of the presidency of the United States.


Are you saying that HRC, because she is a women, is going to magically change things? I just about fell out of my seat laughing. Didn't Maggie Thatcher kill this intellectually defunct idea off 30 years ago?

Second, do you really think HRC has more sympathy for women or people of color than Trump? HRC doesn't care one whit and you only need to look at her track record to see that. She goes where the money goes as does Trump. You are living a dream.

Don't underestimate Trump and the appeal of his message to the disenfranchised. You are only lying to yourself and yes, it can happen here.


Both parties will be threatened by popular movements such as Brand New Congress, but I think most Americans hold in very low regard both the Democratic and Republican parties. Thanks to first the Tea Party and now Trump, the Republican Party is in shambles.

The Democratic Party has become some weird corporate/big money operative that has little or nothing to do with creating a better country for all and Sanders has at least exposed it if not blown it up.

Perhaps I'm naive, but I believe in the power of organized mass movements which is what I think groups like Brand New Congress are after. Love their list of qualifications for the candidates they will support:

Are good at what they do.
Are proven servants to their communities, families, friends.
Have consistently passed on opportunities to sell out.
In general, have never held or sought public office.
Agree completely on a unified economic, social justice, and climate change platform.


'Flea, I don't know who's the most paranoid: You or Siouxrose11. Cool your jets and think past Sanders (of whom I donated to, btw). I just think your vision is clouded. It's a emotional election.

I hope Bernie is nominated by the democrats. I'll vote for him. I'll put up signs..whatever I can do. If he runs as an independent I'll do the same thing for him. If Bernie quits after the democratic convention, that is, packs his bags and goes home, then I'll likely likely vote for Trump, simply because, despite his rhetoric, he hasn't bombed anyone back into the stone age. You and (most) everyone here knows exactly what HRC is fully capable of. And you know it's true–there's proof and lots of it.

So, you & SuzyR can rant, scream, yell & accuse and dream-up anything you want, but I'll take my chances on someone who at least isn't a proven violent-prone maniac. This is my opinion, like it or not. I'm sorry it's upsetting you. But IMP I believe your strategy is flawed. To waste your vote on a Jill Stein or another independent is to give HRC another shot at using violence against the world. I just won't be a part of it anymore.

Sometime in 2017 when the bombs start falling and the bullets flying, the blood of innocents will be on your hands, not mine.


Chill out Suzy. You don't know Jack.


"If she keeps moving his way, Clinton might end up a stronger candidate as a result."

But only as a candidate. Once she is elected, we see the return of the true Hillary, the corporate favorite shill, return.


Sanders has an option to go independent if he needs to. Sanders need to stay in this race, not quit. He needs to get into the debates using his leverage & momentum.

Don't go bitch'n at others that are on your side, Flea, it alienates people. The Left doesn't have the luxury of alienating anyone right now. If he quits, goes home, supporters will take different approaches. Your approach would give HRC a chance at ruling the world though the MIC. Sorry, that doesn't work for me. That doesn't work for me at all.