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Fired and Smeared by Trump, Comey Wants to Talk... 'In Public'


Fired and Smeared by Trump, Comey Wants to Talk... 'In Public'

Jon Queally, staff writer

Though James Comey, the former director of the FBI whose firing by President Donald Trump sparked political uproar this week, has reportedly declined an invitation to testify before the Senate Intelligence Committee behind closed doors about his controversial ouster, he is reportedly willing to answer lawmakers' questions in open session if given the opportunity.


It seems almost jarring that a member (former) of our government actually wants the public to be involved. It is like something that you don’t expect to ever happen.

The public being involved in the doings of our government? Since when?


another side of this - may be far-fetched, or not…


Comey wants his story out in public, on the record, for all to hear. I suspect he doesn’t trust some of the committee members either after the Nunes situation. This is a fair request and the best approach he can take as a private citizen.


I’m going with far-fetched.


First the Hillary smackdown and now this?

Comey for President.




Trump to Comey: " You better hope you do not do this"!


There is nothing wrong with your television
Do not attempt to adjust the picture
We control the horizontal and the vertical
You have reached the Outer Limits

This unraveling of the tangled web is Sooo much fun.

Impeach the Liars …Please.
Before they do something even more stupid


Give Crumpus HELL, Comey!


Oh spare us poser. You couldn’t give less than a flying cluck about truth. You always post to deflect every criticism of Trump.

Tell us poser. What do you hate about Trump. All of it.


They usually wait until they are former members of the government then they lose a lot of credibility IMHO. It takes a lot of courage to speak out against the almighty Uncle while still under his employ.


One of the people around Nixon said they lost their moral compass. The Trump gang doesn’t even seem to have a moral compass to lose. Morality, ethics, and truth to them seems to be something for losers. To them nothing at all matters except winning. That is gaining wealth, power, or both.


All. Of. Them!


Because all of them work for we the people. Because Trump is such a liar, he is calling Trumps cards.


Oligarchy soap operas distract while it picks our pockets.

Direct Democracy


Comey is a slimy turd with a long record of nastiness. There’s a reason he was appointed to head the ugly FBI.

Comey’s role in undermining the Trump administration is welcome. But he would be a terrible President.


No one has to put Comey on a pedastal to hear him tell his side of the story. He has earned that much, at least. Doing so in public will keep the tone of the back and forth questioning; ahem, within reasonable boundaries, hopefully. Then, cross your fingers he handles everything as well as Ms. Yates did.
It’s going to be a long, tedious slog.
I doubt we’ll learn that much. No smoking big gun because it is classified material, to some extent, right? After that formality is finished, then:
An Independent Prosecutor first needs to be selected by a bipartisan Congressional Committee.
Then let him have the resources to do his job and fulfill his duties.


iTrumpet is consumed by the mental illness of insatiable want. This sickness is not confined to republicans. Many democrats are also afflicted with insatiable want. Both main political parties resist policies that support peace and freedom simply because peace is not a great corporate money maker.

Though the FBI is complicit in destruction of US democracy* and clandestine spy scenes beneath human dignity, director Comey should report to the people as soon as possible. His veracity and inclusiveness will be thoroughly scrutinized by millions and maybe billions of people. *(Read William Blum and the “Killing of Hope”)


Excellent qustion


Trump may have just committed political suicide. He may just have picked on the wrong alter boy to mess with.