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Firefighters in Australia Say Situation 'Out of Control' as Prime Minister Denies Request for Emergency Aid

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/12/24/firefighters-australia-say-situation-out-control-prime-minister-denies-request

It would appear as if fealty to the likes of Gina Rinehart outweighs actual fire-fighting. Australians get the ‘government’ they voted for.


As do we. Shows voter “intelligence” in both countries.


Farewell, homo sapiens. You will not be missed by the rest of All Our Relations. Conservatives should have been placed on their own planet; the mind boggles at the thought that maybe they were but had to migrate here to Gaia because they destroyed their home planet…


Morrison is a trump wannabe. Unbelievable that many world leaders look up to the orange clown, including this asshat. It’s like being a turd wannabe.


Let this be a climate lesson to you. If a megafire is approaching and you just sit on the porch and watch it, the fire will burn up your house, your family and you. This lesson will seem so obvious to you in the last couple of minutes of your existence.

The phrase “too late” might mean something.


There’s a book just out - might be worth looking into as we stare in disbelief at what is happening here and around the world. Jim Kunstler recommended it, and I will take a look. Jim’s blogpost today is particularly thoughtful (“Christmas in Flyover Land” {kunstler dot com})

Here’s that book: Return of the Strong Gods: Nationalism, Populism, and the Future of the West by R. R. Reno


I’ll quote from Jim’s blog, as it seems to apply to Australia too, and to Greta’s disbelief:

"When you get down to it, the sickness at the heart of our nation these days is the result of countless bad choices, large and small, that we’ve made collectively over decades, including the ones made by our elected officialdom. The good news is that we could potentially move in the opposite direction and start making better choices."

Two world wars and JFK/RFK - too much of a rollercoaster - we’ve got a traumatized nation(s). Even winners don’t escape.

If you believe in democracy and freedom - as I do - then we’ll be back. Just don’t know when ~

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Homo Sapiens being taken down due to their own selfish behaviour would not be so hard to take if it were not for the fact that they will take a whole lot of species down with them.

There was a picture of a firefighter watching a forest burning and next to that firefighter was a Koala bear sitting on the ground watching the same fire. Heartbreaking.


Greta, this is possible when countries install their “worst” people into positions requiring their " best."


I have posted this before. If you need some humour have a read:


No worries, trump will come to the rescue, stating he knows more about fire that anyone else.
Maybe he will even join the fire line with rake in hand and his well earned dunce hat on.


I don’t think we have a functional political system right now. Hard left, left, centrist, right, hard right - none of these are in charge PonyBoy, are they ?

I don’t know if criminal enterprise is the right moniker for the cabal now running things in much of the world, but it’s close.

It struck me reading James Kunstler this morning, and now I’ve read the Introduction in full to that book “Return of the Strong Gods”, by Reno.

I do know people, I’ve just been pretending not to.

JFK hit a chord when he said “Ask not what your country can do for you - ask what you can do for your country.”

That chord is in all of us, or maybe many of us.

You have to stand for something - not everything is OK ~

And Merry Christmas - to yourself and all !


Of fiddles and infernos


I figured it out. They’re running a secret campaign to rescusitate their nation’s coal industry, because everybody in Australia will send them a lump of coal for Christmas. This assumes that the coal doesn’t get burned up in the flames of course.

Hi wingsofadove: and Ray Bradbury wrote___The Martian Chronicles------and it makes sense–that after ruining their planet, the Martians came here. Now we know what happened to the Earth’s native Neanderthals-----------maybe the Martians left behind back then on Mars are hiding out underground and are afraid that Martian - Americans will come back to Mars and totally finish it off! : 0


Maybe by next Election Day in Australia (that is, if there is one) they’ll vote with their brains instead of their filthy racist guts.
I won’t hold my breath. Stupid is as stupid does, and the Aussies seem to have just as much stupidity to go around as they do coal.
But fear not dumbassed Aussies. We Americans will not be second to any one, especially in stupidity. We will surpass your achievements. You can count on it.


Thirty days of smoke in Sydney. We had something like that here in the Bay Area in 2017 – Though I’m sure our smoke then wasn’t as thick as Sydney’s is now, I can attest to some of what living with constant smoke is like – going weeks without normal light. The smell of it will never leave my nose, but deeper lies the privation of the world going gray, the colors draining out. That doesn’t seem like a big deal, compared to respiratory distress (of which everyone has some – those paper masks don’t do much), but that’s what sticks most vividly amongst the terrible memories, because it feels soul-devouring: losing saturated colors. Ordinarily, even a cloudy day has a color-temperature to which humans have become accustomed. The gray dome of stratified smoke starts to feel like it will never go away.

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Decades? This patriarchal death cult is a path that humans started down thousands of years ago. Understanding the true nature of what we are facing is necessary to our finding a way forward that doesn’t repeat the same problems.


That’s a sign of Insanity, repeating the same behaviours but expecting different results.
We reward the insane .