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#FirePantaleo: Demands for Justice as NYPD Officer Who Used Fatal Chokehold on Eric Garner Gets Suspension

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/08/02/firepantaleo-demands-justice-nypd-officer-who-used-fatal-chokehold-eric-garner-gets

Mayor Bill De Blasio always claims, he has the bold leadership to be President, but is afraid to fire Pantaleo.


Yeah, he’ll deal with Saudi Arabia, but not the police comissioner of NYC.


I know you shouldn’t judge a person by their physical appearance, but if you ever wanted to picture a thug, Pantaleo would be the poster child.

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Your post makes me feel to add that I have plenty of reason to feel anger and know that without action that anger build up. I also know that it would serve no purpose, nor would I ever be able to shoot someone but in every one of these police killing I do feel enough rage to think about returning some of the behavior that they are freely dishing out to the people that they vow to protect. What a messed up world we live in!!!

The Black Panthers armed themselves to protect their community from the cops. With the lack of gun laws today, the Panthers would be a hit. Vengeance and violence are always counterproductive although temporarily satisfying.


The cop used an illegal chokehold resulting in this man’s death. He needs to charged with a crime, much less fired.


Killer cops in every jurisdiction and department must be held accountable - prosecuted fully - for their depraved indifference and murders of unarmed people! Eric Garner was attacked and killed by brutal cops for allegedly selling lose fuckin cigarettes! The man was killed for nothing but the need by depraved cops to brutally dominate other human beings - mostly of color and poor!

The cop should have been prosecuted for the murder of Eric, but the Blue Wall protected him. NOT Eric Garner! Nothing will change, but only get worse, unless those killer cops are prosecuted, not protected!

One of the latest examples to come to light! Disturbing video shows the contempt for people by depraved and idiot cops laughing as he dies!

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California was an open-carry state until some Panthers (original full name: The Black Panther Party for Self-Defense) marched with their weapons into the statehouse in Sacramento. CA must have set some kind of record for swift passage of new laws restricting “the right to keep and bear arms.”


Interesting. Maybe that would be a good way to finally cap the pathetic assault weapon gun laws (or lack of) by showing if one group can arm themselves so then can another.

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How do you qualify for “involuntary manslaughter?” One would think this minimum charge would be there, at least.
What if any non-cop were to choke someone to death with many eye-witnesses?

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Yes the Black Panthers and their movement was stunning.


Is firing sufficient?
Is impeachment (for Trump) sufficient?

all bullshht aside, Garner wasn’t murdered
and Garner was the person responsible

he had no right to resist arrest. none at all.

the man was a life-long petty criminal and he knew that the arrest was not a damned thing more than a minor inconvenience.