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Fires Are Devouring the Amazon. And Jair Bolsonaro Is to Blame

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/08/26/fires-are-devouring-amazon-and-jair-bolsonaro-blame

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the predatory premises of capitalism, via militarism have been pumped to the status of a demonic power. Not just recently, but from its inception. The humanity and balances that have occurred over the past 600 years have been the result of people in contact with each other, each other’s needs, those of the land, animals, neighbors and environment in general.

I think David Miranda’s idea of supporting social programs is terrific. One example of the organizational capacity is the landless workers movement ( MST) 40% of the land belongs to 1% of the population.

Another source to explore is Cat Comm and Rio on Watch - lots ideas there - and I’d bet Davis Miranda would agree.


Industrial capitalism is now destroying the world in ways that only an imbecile or a fool can’t see. Forests are on fire all over the world, not just Brazil. Money economies and land exploitation to make more money without any regard to the consequences seem to be part of the reasons we see so many fires. Also to go along with planetary heating is the acidifacation and heating of the oceans. Toxins are dumped into the oceans through the rivers from industrial farming with vast amounts of chemicals. All these disparate factors are adding up now exponentially. Plastics are choking all of us. Welcome to the nightmare that is the 21st century when people everywhere realize it’s too late to stop the end of the world as we know it. Peace

Bolsonaro – a dickhead of the highest order – has an enabler in Donald “Clown Wig” Trump.

By inviting China to buy ag products from somewhere other than the US with his trade war, Trump has spurred Brazilian soy, corn, and beef ranchers to go nuts and fill the demand from a huge customer (28% of US soy production was exported to China) that US farmers have lost. All glyphosate-ready GMO crop production, by the way – and the burning will go on and on as Brazil’s soil is depleted.

The right wing, doing what it always does (except that this may be a new low for them) - no matter where on the planet it does it.