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Firing Comey Is Worse Than Breaking a Law


Firing Comey Is Worse Than Breaking a Law

Laurence Tribe, Richard Painter

If President Trump’s shockingly sudden firing of FBI Director James Comey had violated some statute or constitutional provision, our judicial branch could easily have remedied that misstep. What the president did was worse. It was a challenge to the very premises of our system of checks and balances precisely because it violated no mere letter of the law but its essential spirit. No one, not even a president, is above the law.


Garbage propaganda. Comey was covering up multiple crimes against the nation and Americans. Not to mention, doing zippity doo dah about massive election fraud. . WTF? CD joins the twist everything mindphuk crowd.


Pretty strong words. They seem to be off topic. But I'm curious, where do you get your information from to support your opinions?


Trump is the real deal huh Texxtyn. Carry on oh brave Trump warrior.


Unfortunately, CD's quality and credibility has markedly eroded in the age of Trump, especially concerning the so-called "Russiagate". Occasionally they will post articles by others who demand evidence or employ skeptic's logic. But more and more recently - especially the in-house content - the approach is truly scattershot. I get it... They hate Trump. So do I. But that is no reason, and now is NOT the time, to throw discernment out the window. Meanwhile, I find myself over at CounterPunch & Consortium News more and more.


What do you hate about Trump? His support from the Deep State?


I don't recall anyone hyperventilating this hard en masse when Bill Clinton fired the Reagan-appointed FBI director William Sessions on 7/19/93, nor when Vince Foster was Arkancided the following day. Back then it was all "Nothing to see here... Move along now..."

I guess it depends on whether the person is on "your team" or not.


To be fair, there are examples of equal opportunity hyperventilating about both sides of duopolistic corruption.

On your larger point about hypocrisy based on team loyalty: Yep, that mostly pertains.