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Firing Mueller? Pardoning Cronies?


Firing Mueller? Pardoning Cronies?

Paul W. Kahn

President Trump is besieged. He is reportedly looking for ways to close down the Russia investigation by the Justice Department. He already tried at least once, when he fired FBI Director James Comey. He still has the power to fire Special Counsel Robert S. Mueller.


Legislators need to tell Trump that he can’t do that? Like they don’t have enough reasons to have already told him by now? It is shocking for some (like the author) to see just how blatantly Trump is being allowed to do these things by our legislators. They aren’t blind nor stupid. They just treat us as if we are!


Republicans always put Party ahead of the People. Always.


There is a bill right now to repeal the AUMF and last I heard it is bipartisan. That may help keep him from more foolish military action. Of course someone should explain that to him in terms his little mind can understand.


“A man with no sympathetic imagination, a man whose narcissism knows no bounds”, a man dedicated to his ignorance and arrogance…

“He needs to go” - to prison and have his wealth confiscated to (begin to) repair all the destruction and personal harm to individuals he is responsible for…before the missiles start flying and Mother Earth and Her creatures pay any more dearly for his gross stupidity and pathetic ego!


“He needs to go before the missiles start flying.”

Well, not necessarily. If somehow, the very ‘first’ missile were to land directly on the Orange Blonde bangs combed over the top of his cranium, he could become a martyr, and generations would honor his name.



Well, not quite ‘Nixon’s end’ – I don’t want the prictator’s replacement to pardon him like Ford pardoned [the] tricky dick!


Ah yes, when I want my OES NOT to do something, I say “leave it” – it’s succinct, simple and easily understood; the only problem might be that the prictator doesn’t have the IQ of my OES! :roll_eyes::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I’ve been casting spells for exactly this for almost a year now – Make. It. So. :yum::sunglasses:


Keep on Spell-ing, Wolfess!

I’ll keep on praying. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


No there isn’t. It was removed by Ryan in the proposed Republican Budget. Maybe the Senate will revive it as an amendment.
If you like your crazy on the absurd side, Trump & The Republican House would be it.


Hey, with the 2 of us working on this how can we miss? :imp::hugs::sunglasses:


For a while, Not Trump equated to the sociopathic “we came, we saw, he died” HRC.

Now, Not Trump equates to “now drink the Jesus juice” Mike Pence on deck, with “a little Ayn Rand is all one needs” Paul Ryan in the dugout.

Not Trump is Not Enough.


Bit of a digression, but I always find it remarkable that the left repeats over and over and over again the cherry-picked “we came, we saw, he died” remark, but never Sander’s “dead communist dictator” (Hugo Chavez) remark.


It’s the ultimate Republican wet dream.
It’s who they are, writ large (yet again).


Yes, I believe Sen. Sanders has some retinal damage. He can’t see to the left out of the rear view mirror. But, he’s better than burnt toast.
And, the U. S. is apparently owned by S. Arabia and Israel. Which shouldn’t really surprise anyone. Does that surprise you?
You’re aware China has given Venezuela at least $40-50 Billion in loans, backed up by oil contracts.
Is Exxon Mobil more powerful than China? Only if they have nuclear weapons.


If anyone thinks Trump will leave office, they are not seeing Trump for who he is. He would NEVER step down like Nixon did. Trump would fight being removed, he would have to be dragged out of the white house kicking and screaming. Hes a man who wont give up his power easily. He would likely call on his supporters to help him with violence to oppose anything that removed him from office.

Trump will continue to try and ensure that this investigation goes away. He will pardon all involved including himself, to ensure his reign is not interrupted.