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Firing Mueller Would Be a Catastrophic Mistake


Firing Mueller Would Be a Catastrophic Mistake

Norman Eisen, Fred Wertheimer

On October 20, 1973, President Richard Nixon executed the infamous "Saturday Night Massacre" in which Watergate special prosecutor Archibald Cox was fired and the special prosecutor's office was shut down.

Anational firestorm ensued. Less than two weeks later, the President was forced to appoint a new special prosecutor, Leon Jaworski, and the office was back in business.


Good, I hope he makes it.




Even a man as pigheaded as our “socalled” president should figure out that this move would be tantamount to committing political seppuku.


I think you overestimate him. He is the kind of man who would rather go down kicking and screaming (or in this case tweeting) than back down gracefully.


What would happen if Mueller were fired?

Nothing. Republicans would grumble and perhaps even shout, but they don’t care. Democrats are impotent, having no power, and after 8 years of Bush -and then 8 years of Obama, people no longer have any expectation of accountability under the rule of law for the powerful.

Indeed, if Obama has any legacy at all: that is it.


More and more, Donald Trump is behaving like a treed 'coon. There is no way out, Donald. The hounds will never give up… Bwa-ha-ha-ha!


He’ll just sit in his tree, sign Republican sociopaths in Congress’ legislation- and appoint and sign off on every corrupt and craven thing that those he (and his fellow Republicans) do at the administrative agencies.


Ah but, trumpcare got killed with enough from both parties to strangle the goddamned idiocy that was pric-don’t-care … in this case I’m going with the ‘it-ain’t-over-till-the-fat-lady-sings’ argument. :thinking::relaxed:


The Hounds of Hell will come to drag him to his final festering place.

And Burn he will.


Priceless! :rofl:


Appears unlikely that Don will care about a “firestorm” or a “catastrophe,” or really, anything else except his personal welfare.


Don won’t ever fire the whole swamp if he keeps on hiring more people to fill it.


Like any of the sh*theels he’s hired, or the frauds filling his Cabinet.


He’s destroying it, and that is the plan.