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First 100 Days: Trump and the Degradation of the Presidency


First 100 Days: Trump and the Degradation of the Presidency

Robert Reich

Trump’s failure to accomplish little or any of his agenda during his first 100 days is striking. But we should not forget the vast harm he has done in this comparatively short time – especially his degradation of the presidency.


¨ ... legitimizing crude nationalism and hateful xenophobia ..."
Throughout the history of "Western" "civilization" there has been a struggle between actual life of societies (note the plurality) and the elements incapable of conceiving of their own incompleteness inherent in strategies of TAKING the integrity of others for their own . These are symptoms of self-inflicted disease which is at root ADDICTION to power by inversions of what would otherwise provide healthy strength.

The current TAKER in chief epitomizes obstruction of all that most people(s) on this continent have been struggling to bring to fruition for centuries. The 'takers' are incapable of listening, of recognizing that the only cure for the maladies they both inflict and suffer from is to CEASE AND DESIST!

Each generation of the participants in the predatory TAKING has exhibited sharper addiction profiles, greater dependence on instilling aspects of governance based on manipulating modes of exclusion to maintain the taker's margin of "profit". Thieves all addicted to the swamps of Foggy Bottom with the Foggy Bottom Swamp Keeper in Chief swilling his own taint.


"With Trump, it’s important to think more broadly. Among the most significant legacies of his first 100 days is his degrading of the moral authority of the office of the president, and, thereby, of America."

Thus giving rise to a call for the need for global government.

Just sayin'


One of Trump's failings that deserves more mention is his frightening lack of communication skills. His fourth-grade vocabulary is bad enough, but that's minor stuff compared to his incomprehensible rants and ramblings and endless contradictions as seen in some his speeches and nearly all of his interviews. This is dangerous in a man that has access to such power and who daily issues commands to others. It not only creates confusion, it allows the more radical of his minions to interpret his orders any way they see fit. Even his own people seem unable to decipher what he says, not to mention leaving the rest of us to wonder what comes next. Lastly, Trump's ramblings, coupled with his ignorance on so many issues, creates serious doubt as to his ability to handle the power he has at his disposal. George Bush was no rocket scientist, but he at least possessed rudimentary communication skills.


"Failure to accomplish little or any of his agenda" ?

In terms of the quantity of issues, perhaps.

With three Senate Democrats voting to confirm Gorsuch when the GOP didn't even need their votes, and with near certainty that one or two of the least right leaning SCOTUS judges are likely to expire or retire on Trump's watch, Trump and the GOP have already succeeded where fascist success counts the most and they are postured for more of the same, with no cavalry on the horizon to stop them and rescue us..


No criticism levied about Trump's bombing of Syria and dropping a 22,000 pound bomb on one of the poorest countries in the world?? One must assume Reich is supportive of this.


Hitler reputedly said, "To control a country, you must first control its courts. Then, whatever you do is legal and whatever the opposition does is illegal."
* Does that ring any bells?


"Other presidents have on occasion been cruel. But Trump’s cruelty defies reason. It is utterly unnecessary."

"Money is power, power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely"

How can a democracy control absolute corruption without controlling absolute power? And how can we control absolute power without controlling endless wealth?

If sellout politicians and taxes don't work, its time to try grassroots democracy, direct and decentralized.


Well - a fairly concise and comprehensive overview of Trump's first 100 days. "narcissistic, xenophobic, paranoid, vindictive, and thin-skinned" - does this also apply to a considerable segment of the US population? While the situation appears hopeless and the damage inflicted is severe, we have to try to stop this as best we can. Obviously damage has been done to our country and to the constitution by every president since Ronald Reagan. I say Reagan because I think his administration began an acceleration of income inequality and of the destruction of the new deal and its protections for the people.

Anything to stop Trump or slow him down would be helpful. As odious as it sounds, I think the Democrats offer some kind of option. If the mid-term elections could change the power structure in the congress, I think Trump and some of his initiatives could be stalled. The democrats obviously need a lot of reform and the centrists and blue dogs should be booted either by the party or by the electorate. The democratic tent should not be inclusive of those who would subvert the democracy and the rights of the mainstream to the benefit of an oligarchy or plutocracy. Unless the American people can rise above self interest and come to some kind of sense of community first and a sense of the commons, I think this country has a doubtful future as a place for human rights and dignity. Alternatives to the democrats need to be developed by the people. Wall Street should not control the democratic party or any party. We need parties that reflect the needs of the people. Trump should be made a lame duck as soon as possible and we need to work for the election of Bernie or someone like him in 2020.


Conservatives gave us laws, prohibitions and wars that have caused far more damage than good, yet people keep electing these moronic dictators thinking that they will pray us into making America great. I hope the next generation won't be as easily fooled.


Donald Trump may be the first elected president who is not mentally fit to be president. If you look back over the years to his tweets and varying statements in the media about things and what he has done since being president you can make a pretty strong case for that. It really is hard to go through the last several years of Trump stuff and conclude that he is sane. Or you conclude that in the public realm there is no clear difference between sanity and craziness. I think the majority of Americans will never deep down accept him as being a real president. He will go down as an outlier. Something like a data point that it far from the curve. Perhaps what is most troubling however is what Trump means with regard to America. Clearly a large group of people have emerged with characteristics that do not fit the typical view of Americans. These are people who have been out there largely hidden from view and then suddenly emerged as if from nowhere. The mainstream media never really identified this large group. Mainly they were known as wackos on the right. But now they are suddenly in the mainstream and threatening to turn this country into something like Nazi Germany.


In the meantime, trust in the D-Party has plummeted.

Hate Trump? Thank the ineffectual, corrupt and complacent Dems.


Right, drop an anvil on his foot! :wink:


That would be an unjustified assumption. Having written professionally a more likely assumption is that he has a copy deadline and a limit on wordcount.


Come off it! Every president from Washington (who was in love with his half-brother Lawrence) to Obama has had skeletons and dead bodies in their closets, whether on the battlefield or within the White House itself. I'll readily admit, however, that Trump is the biggest buffoon to ever take office. I don't even consider him our president--as one writer wrote a few days ago, there is no president, there's no one behind the wheel...


Dr. Reich, please use your influence to promote any remedies on the horizon, rather than stating the blatantly obvious.