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First by For-Profit College, Now 'Screwed' by Betsy DeVos as Trump Administration Rolls Back Debt Relief for Defrauded Students


First by For-Profit College, Now 'Screwed' by Betsy DeVos as Trump Administration Rolls Back Debt Relief for Defrauded Students

Julia Conley, staff writer

While saying "no fraud is acceptable" in one breath, DeVos announces government will continue demanding debt payments from defrauded students


“No fraud is acceptable…”
–Betsy De Vos, shamless kleptocrat

But some frauds are less unacceptable than others, eh, Bets?


I suspect this trend may be one where corporations increasingly get a free pass on everything, especially in areas where they expect a large foreign corporate presence soon (areas that are the subject of (WTO) GATS “Specific commitments”) Higher education, banking, health insurance, for example.

The government wants to eliminate its moral hazard. If you want better education, pay more, it seems they are saying. Equality is not their goal any more, and even keeping up the appearance is being abandoned.

channeling profits to corporations is ‘in’.

Both domestic and foreign. Look at it this way, those students misfortune reinforces the value of the expensive institutions offerings. Poor peoples misfortunes serve a purpose in helping differentiate the tiers of the marketplace.

Buy more, get more. Spend less get less. With health care that often translates into a life or death situation.

People in the developing world are very familiar with this due to our (US) policy on drug pricing. What we’ve done is create a world where corporations have a right to sell services and goods to people for the highest value the market will bear.

See the “Specific Commitments” on the WTO site under GATS//SC/* > Country United States language English for what service sectors are being locked down. (Yes, they lied to us on health care, as you will see)

So this sends a message to foreign educational institutions to come on over and set up schools, (lowering the wages of teachers is another ‘benefit’ as trade in services agreements do an end run around national wage laws.)

they will get a free pass because we cant prosecute them if we haven’t prosecuted our own corporations, now, can we. That would be discrimination and violate WTO rules.

This will also impact us on mortgage banking, when people are displaced in large numbers in the coming years and have to buy or rent new housing.

How would it look if after having given US banks a free pass on mortgage fraud after 1998, if in the next huge financial [censored] banks for it? Thats discrimination, and now likely WTO-illegal.

The same with health care.

The idea is that the marketplace should determine all these things. People likely will have to buy insurance against it. (Instead of firms getting insurance against lawsuits, which makes more sense to me)

As people work less, and make less they are worth less to the corporate state.

At some point the system would rather they were replaced by somebody else, who spent more. The US is trying to attract people of means.

Our own nationals don’t have the money, in comparison, so they want to get out of the deal where those people have unrealistic expectations they will help them.

(Also, pollution becomes more profitable. because awards are based on lost wages.)

This is what happens when everything is captured, government, media, regulation, internet, everything.