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First Confirmed Coronavirus Reinfection Raises Immunity Concerns

Presumably I’m not the only one down here who sincerely hopes that Tweetle-Dumb does NOT wear a mask, that he catches a fatal case of C-19 during the PNC* this week, and that he expires at least a month or so prior to November third.  Should Joe Biden – mask or no mask – also expire prior to November third I will not shed a single tear.

*  ‘PoopLicken National Convention’

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From 12 foot long tube worms on the ocean bottom living in thermal vent water hot enough to melt lead to Antarctic fish that live in water that is below freezing point, our biosphere is full of life that seems impossible. By far the richest variety of life lives in the mud at the bottom of the ocean, of a biology kingdom so different that humans are almost identical to avocado trees, comparatively, and have 7 million TIMES more species than live on land. Now we are finding planets all over the place, bizarre and familiar. We have already been finding the building blocks of life in space.


The Most Unknown

You might already have all this down but this stuff is too cool leave unshared.

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Covid is like a monster that:

  • can shape shift and damage almost any organ, kill you or not (maybe the widest range of dangerous effects of any virus yet)

  • can potentially come back like shingles does (we don’t know yet)

  • may not be smarter than the average human but is obviously smarter than the average american (4% of population, 25% of cases
    [I bet you knew that]).

But dont be alarmed that it is able to grow another head if you chop it’s head off, that’s a normal monster thing.

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One question, which I hope won’t upset you since I ask in earnest: If they are hardcore Trumpers, (following a so-called leader who is an inveterate liar, with no empathy or integrity), how can they be called "good people’?

I’m developing some respect for our species foe. It’s enlightened to grasp that viruses differ just as much as vertebrates do, and that the world may not have seen anything like SARS2 before, imho. Laurie Garret’s Coming Plague (1995) reads like a history of the world from the view of microbes: They keep steadily advancing with more clever ways of getting around all our defenses and exploiting all our weaknesses.

The whole advance of clever viruses is much too awesome to attribute to superficial interventions, imho – that’s just how Life works: The viruses progress simultaneously with the progress of our anti-viral efforts. Antagonistic vertebrates and viruses should be thought of as roughly equal in variety and sophistication: billions of years worth of evolving to such variety and sophistication in either case.

But SARS2 is more equal than all other viruses we’ve seen, apparently. Your reference to shape shifting matches the case history of practically anyone with stubborn symptoms: The symptoms COVID elicits often seem to shuffle through a personal jukebox of previous syndromes: one week the dizziness, next week it’s joint pain, and so forth. Tick-borne Lyme disease (a bacterium) can be all over the place in its symptoms like that.

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Try this one Gloriana:
“The epic of Gilgamesh.” Tells the story of the great flood; discovered on stone tablets found in Nineveh in 1839. Predates Homer by 1500 years. (I believe there is speculation that the flood brought many diseases with it.)

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I understand, but, if Trump rejects mask wearing, all the motorcycle gangs will do the same. Then they will spread it everywhere at the biker parties.

Come on people! Let’s not misuse the word “theory”!!! These are suggestions, speculations, ideas, but not theories. (pet peeve)

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And if you follow the Twitter threads cited, there’s concern voiced that a panoply of BS, rushed vaccines could result in far more virulent mutations predominating. As we now see verified re-infections in Holland, Belgium and those reported in Israel & here? These Asian doctors & researchers’ Tweets were my posts’ original sources, back in February & March.

PS: just back from NYC’s Riverside Park. It’s JAMMED with au pairs, playing with rich folks’ kids. Just like, mid-March.


~https://www.rte.ie/news/world/2020/0825/1161101-coronavirus-world/ (read the SECOND article)



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Science didn’t reject Galileo’s theory, the Catholic Church (which virtually ruled the “civilized world” at the time) did.

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Hi wibgsifadove:
I have a lot of reading to do. But thank you! : )

I finally got the L key righted but it’s an attached keyboard which is really long—too long for my fingers…wingsofadove…but somehow this keyboard has exceeded my reach—so I sadly gave you a new spelling! : 0

Hi evolver: Thank you and I am building an even longer reading list! : )

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Responses in reverse order:
3.  My 2 Dogs, even though technically American, are WAY smarter than the average American human.  And Way, Way, WAY more honest than the average politician of either major party.
2.  Check out Acyclovir (aka Zovirax), used for decades to treat (prevent?) shingles.  It MAY (??) help against C-19, has VERY FEW side effects, and – best of all – patents have expired, so it’s relatively inexpensive ($35 for 100 pills, only $4/100 copay for me, thanks to Medicare).
1.  Ah-yup.  Liver damage, heart damage, brain damage.  Latter would make it difficult to diagnose if Tweetle-Dumb affected, as what difference would it make?   Unfortunately, far too few MAGA-Morons croak before spreading it to others . . .

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Yes, there will be some collateral damage, but MOST of those affected will be fellow MAGA-Morons and some other AAASSSSSSOs.*  Hopefully they will succeed in reducing their own number significantly before November Third. **

  *  Americans Aggressively Advocating Self-Selection for Suicidal Sacrifice of Sub-Standard Organisms.

**  Flush The TURD November Third!!!

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A few above comments reflect on the Americano robust macho no mask bravado.
Yup, Trump did this.

If we were as smart as some third world country named Bulgaria.
We would have 8 deaths per 100,000 Americans = 26,800

177,000 - 26,800 = 150,200 deaths are / were unnecessary.
Personally, I do put the blame on el Trumpo - soley.
A few minutes ago, (Tuesday evening) the white house lawn audience were not wearing masks at a speach.

Their example murders even more as the virus spreads into our rural areas with insufficient medical providers.

A few years ago, H1N1, SARS1, killed about 12,000 Americans. To try and put a balanced perspective on our situations.

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That thought came to me as well. Is this all about giving human direction to the process of evolution?

It was a while back and before I caught Covid Brain Cloud I already had accellerated CRS (cain’t remember uh something that starts with sh) but I disremembered to credit @Beli_Tsari for posting this and quite frankly a mind blowing tsunami of critically cogent info, and in such an amusing way!

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A lot of people have realized that our Democratic leadership is really up to no good, just like we have almost all realized the GOP leadership is up to no good. Both are right. Which is worse at this point?

They both are extremely bad. They both are going to cost all of us basically everything we have, things are not the way they seem.

The Democratic leadership is much better at hiding what they are doing. But they get a lot of help from our media.

(The Dems are allied with the GOP and oligarchs from the rest of the planet in a scheme to nullify democracy in things of economic importance, and basically steal the future world, while trading off all rights and policy to other oligarchs for as much as they can)

Think things will improve when (whichever) wins and takes office next year? Think again, they cant improve things unless they leave FTAs they have sworn not to. They can only alienate our rights and make things worse.

So the only thing we can allow them to do is get out of these deals first. I know thats not what they tell us, but they are lying.