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First-Ever Analysis Reveals How America's Top 100 Law Firms Are 'Accelerating the Climate Crisis'

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/10/01/first-ever-analysis-reveals-how-americas-top-100-law-firms-are-accelerating-climate

During the past two years I have worked on projects that took me to meetings attended by lobbyists (most of whom are lawyers) in our blue state’s capital city. The lobbyists’ mantra is “if you are not part of the solution, you can make a bundle prolonging the problem”.


I’ve always loved this joke:
Q: What do you call 300 lawyers at the bottom of the ocean?
A: A good start.

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“First thing we do, let’s kill all the lawyers.” Henry VI pt. 2.

It was bad in the 1600’s, does anyone think it got better imported to the New World?

Back in the 80’s, when I was young and naive, I worked for a series of corporate law firms in Seattle. The thing that shocked me most was there was a new skyscraper nearly complete, with lots of tenants inside all ready. However there were 12 (?) empty floors still unoccupied.

A Seattle Times or PI article said that even with those empty floors, there were 2,500 more lawyers coming to work in that brand new Columbia Tower than in all of Japan. One building in Seattle. Let that sink in.


Even despite all my well intended monkey wrenching (statue of limitations should be long done, right?) the only way I could live with myself was through re-education, and then doing a number of years teaching in universities and community colleges. Never will I be absolved, but I’m not nearly as tainted now. Hopefully.

Corporate law firms have got to go.

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Shouldn’t that be “search [for] their souls” … ?

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Always so bloodthirsty.

Yeah, it all started when an extremely handsome, strong and unnaturally pale guy bit my neck a few years ago.
Fortunately, I have access to the True Blood synthetic product, so I can feed legally and get all the immortality nutrients I need.

Lawyers making money by delaying is hardly limited to climate issues

How many were practicing tax law?

Typical eco-fascism - we’re so right and so important that our opponents should not be able to consult lawyers.

Mostly Federal Maritime law, actually. A lot of it involving oils spills. Six years in total. Yup, paralegal money was pretty seductive.

A lot of that stuff was so bizarre it really wouldn’t be believed in fiction.

Good times.

And then these lawyers go on to become politicians and judges in addition to returning back to being lobbyists working for the fossil fuel corporations. Revolving doors …

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If only Common Dreams was the problem.

Psst, you first … wouldn’t the fossil fuel industry and MAJOR polluters just love operating in the dark, no checks, no accountability, no responsibility.

There, I said it.


the enablers of the greatest crime in the history of the world now in progress right in front of our eyes-in every corner of the globe–the death of all life on this planet in pursuit of a damn dollar-they are simply the world’s greatest criminals who’s crimes make genocide seem quaint compared to the ecocide being done for that money–

A pox on capitalists and all their stooges for their greed is raping the world

Top law firms don’t employ the majority of lawyers. Many of those otherwise employed are the ones bring suit to protect the Bill of Rights, criminal defendants and suits against environmental polluters. It is helpful to not make blanket condemnations. It’s good to cultivate some critical thinking.

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Did that happen before or after you got the new identity?