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First GOP Rats Are Starting To Jump Sinking Toxic Trump Ship


First GOP Rats Are Starting To Jump Sinking Toxic Trump Ship

With the Drumpf reality show getting ever more moronic and in-your-face racist - moving from trashing a judge whose parents happen to be Mexican to Muslims and maybe women - the GOP is tap-dancing as fast as it can to both deplore and support their candidate, haplessly arguing he may be a racist dick but he's their racist dick. Still, two brave souls have left the fold as it "buckles under the racial bias of a bigot."


Of course, it's a great opportunity for neocons: Clinton's a great Republican for all the neocon and neoliberal types. Bible--thumpers and the more sincerely fuddled Libertarians will have to negotiate.

That's not good news. It just means that the Democrats have just moved another step farther from the center and towards the right.


Yes, Trump is a racist, sexist, islamophobe. Why is it, though, on this supposedly progressive and reflective site, Abby Zimet -- in the fashion of potty-mouth Sam B. -- regularly stoops to distracting, childish, Trumpian name-calling ("racist d--k")? Time for some growth; take some pride in your capacity aesthetically and critically to make a point without LCD references to (giggle!) human anatomy.


The other choice:

A war mongering interventionist.
There is a rumor floating around that if Clinton wins the presidency she will appoint Victoria Nuland as secretary of state..






Might wanna find another picture for the article:



Yaba-Daba-Do! Trumps a damn racist, but 'Hill is too!


I'm sorry, but this is an exception in his case since the 'duck walks like a d**k'. Most of the GOP is racist, sexist, Islamophobe, so she has to make some kind of differentiation. /s ....yeah, it's a snark, but I really don't give a rat's ass when it comes to human excrement. Abby, you go girl.


wide-eyed stare!