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'First I Was Scared... and Then I Just Got Angry': Eerie Blue Dots Painted Outside Democrats' Homes in California

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/11/03/first-i-was-scared-and-then-i-just-got-angry-eerie-blue-dots-painted-outside


Star of David.


I recall Blue Dot as a type of gunpowder I used to use for reloading ammunition many, many years ago.

Came here to say the same thing. Nazi Germany started out like this, and we all know how it ended for the Jews and other ‘undesirables’ and ‘enemies of the state’.


I can only imagine most Germans looking at us and saying, “WTF!? Does another country have to go through our collective nightmare again. WE screwed up, don’t you screw up also”.

The US has no excuse. We have history on our side. We need to start learning from the past, not repeating it.


Some trumpster moron took my Biden/Harris and Barbara Bollier yard signs over the weekend. The police were able to recover my Biden sign but not the Bollier one. They asked me if I wanted to press charges if they apprehend the culprit (which I doubt they will), and I told them you bet I do. Technically this theft was a felony, not that that matters in the trump world where these creeps seem to think they only have to abide by their own set of made up rules.

These trumpster folks are nuts! I would go so far as to call them domestic terrorists, and they are being egged on by our pathetic excuse for a president.


We have a lot of “tagging” in CA but this is a new one. I hope it is not a trend.

Hi buffalo spirits:

sigh—but it’s still happening for the Palestinians—beginning in 1948–and still going in 2020. Seventy-two years-----how long must this go on? - : (


Interesting! A few weeks ago, I gave some thought to spray painting a large orange dot on the highway pavement, adjacent to any trump signs, so when this election ends, and all the signs go to the landfill along with Dump, there will be a reference to where these mental defects live, hoping to never associate with them.

Americans don’t learn. The Europeans have had centuries of war in their own backyards, so tragedy got drummed into their brains. We have had it relatively easy in that regard. Of course, we have meted out harassment and mayhem on a global scale for which we have yet to experience karmic justice. That’s gonna hurt. Trump may be the harbinger of spankings to come.

I have seen two Biden/Harris signs in the area. Thousands of Trump ones - of course the Trumpers usually have multiple signs and flags, not just one. I wouldn’t put up ANY kind of political stuff because of the possible fallout.

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And Americans are voting for more of this the way the polls so far seem to reveal. This is the result of our disgusting rightwing propaganda machine in America. And Dump has the bullhorn!

Get rid of Faux News, OAN, Newsmax, Facebook, radio rightwing propaganda, too. Big time on the radio.

Nothing even comes close re:getting our messages out on the left. No oligarchs want a progressive voice or agenda heard in this country.

That would seem to be an act of terrorism.

Fascists have no options, they always have been and always will behave like, Fascists. That is why non-fascists have to always fight against Fascists, no matter what party they operate within.

I must admit I am very dispirited by the election results. I really believed that Americans would repudiate the worst president in American history. Seems like about half of America really likes the A-hole.

I so want to see Trump in prison where he belongs.

The only saving grace is that fascist dictators tend to meet ignominious ends. Mussolini was shot and hung by his heels. Hitler shot himself in the head. Julis Caesar was stabbed by a group of friends.

Sadly for the world, they do much damage before they can be killed off.

I suggest spray-painting dots outside the homes of Republicans in the same neigbhborhoods, and announcing you have done so. Once it is well know that the dots don’t indicate what they were (presumably) intended to indicate, they won’t be of any help to anyone bent on violence.

That doesn’t mean violence won’t occur, though.