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First In the Room, Back of the Line: America's Profiteering Health System Does It Again

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/further/2020/12/19/first-room-back-line-americas-profiteering-health-system-does-it-again


Yesterday, I had a bit of a chat with a friend who’s a clerk at the North End Krogers here in Port Huron. We’ve known each other now for 34 years. I asked her if she was excited about the Covid vaccine and she literally slumped, her eyes looked daggers. “No, because I’m not one of the beautiful people. I’m called an essential worker, but I’m just a drudge.” And I shared a sardonic look with her.
If front line health care workers, who’ve been taking it in the shorts since March, and even more stressed because TrumpCo didn’t want the economy to tank, can’t get first shot at the vax, then we should be kicking the suits in the shorts. Write LTE’s, share this on every platform out there, tell your family and friends. THIS IS A FUCKING SHANDA!!!
Sorry about that, but every person who’s ripped me off these past five years has been a suit. Smile to your face, shank you in the back with the shiv hidden behind their backs. They’ve been doing this to us for hundreds of years, with every new generation of entitled brats.
And people wonder why I’m a Democratic Socialist bordering on Radical…


i am with you 100% revolutionary more than radical


It’s enough to make one wish ill effects from the vaccine


I had been leery about the safety of this vaccine developed so fast. But since only the rich and powerful are able to get it, it seems likely that it is for real.


The perks belong to those with Wealth and Power, just ask them. If you’re low income, destitute, homeless, etc, you’re dirt from some shithole location whether here or aboard and deserve nothing. Sucks doesn’t it? Resist, Rebel, Kick the Rich and Powerful to the gutter. Fight as if your life depends on it, because it does.


and who would’ve even considered any other outcome?

Did anyone seriously think the masters would not dominate the protection from a virus they’re the least exposed to (unless it’s the idiot faction that does it intentionally)?

Yet when a red or pinko shows up in the room, you all can’t wait to shut down the “nationalize it” or “get rid of profit” talk.

This is how it’s always been. Don’t like it? Help us get rid of it and stop defending power and attacking us.


time for Americans to realize that the capitalists do not care one whit if we live or die as long as they get paid–time to put them under our thumbs - take away their power , and make them work for a living as something besides the parasite sucking the blood of the American people


If you have a conscience and genuinely care about others, you have to be a radical (in the original meaning of the word: to get to the root of the problem).

And the problem is capitalism, especially global corporate capitalism.


It could also be seen someday as “justice” sometimes happens…

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What I wouldn’t give to be a fly on the wall at my local hospital.

Many years ago I worked there when it worked. I have since been a patient there too many times to think about so being that fly is just fine by me.

A bit of advice here. When you have the misfortune to go to the hospital or even seeing your doctor, watch everything they do. If you are not medically trained or are too intimidated ……ask those questions anyway. Ask about everything they do to you…if you do not then you are damned if not doomed.

Be bold and ask questions even if you think it is stupid. Stupid can save your life with people who are tired and exhausted and not able to be at their best. Sometimes it is just with people who do not give a damn.

Even before this pandemic and in recent years one took one’s life in ones hands to go to this emergency room that I am so familiar with. I worked there for seven years.

Even then people had to wait too damn many hours before anyone knew they were there for what in the hell they would do with them. Can you imagine now. Holy shit!

It’s not so much the fault of the staff as for not having enough staff. It is because good jobs are so rare……those that NOW go into the field of medicine are not in it to care for or help people, they are only there to make better money, and money has no calling or conscience.

What a difference one extra doctor or nurse would make. Oh…wait….don’t tell that to management at a non-profit hospital


or u might eat them, as rock band aerosmith suggested in their song EAT THE RICH. here’s a sample lyric:

Believe in all the good things
That money just can’t buy
Then you won’t get no bellyache
From eatin’ humble pie
I believe in rags to riches
Your inheritance won’t last
So take your gray poupon my friend
And shove it up your ass


Here in Canada the general Public will likely not see the vaccine available until late March of next year.

They have prioritized who will get the vaccines in this order.

First the Front line workers including those that work in Seniors homes.
Second seniors over the age of 80. They will then target the next group of Seniors based on age until all over 60 vaccinated. The next group will be the First Nations peoples in remote communities.

It will then be released to the General Public.

While this varies Province to Province , all of the plans I have reviewed will follow the same model.

Obviously the rich can fly to the US for a shot. I wonder how many of them will and how people will view rich people from other Countries getting to the front of the line in the US.


our rubes probably won’t even hear about all the imports jumping in line over here. I’m sure all the boutique clinics are already stocked up with the vaccines for their “select clientele”.


The mentality of those “rubes” is in essence “The rich deserve this vaccine more then my grandmother”.

The logic escapes me.


Generations of wealth porn will do that to a people…:))

It’s a mess, no doubt.


I would suggest that were this vaccine to be demonstrated to be unsafe, and those rich guys at the front of the line of a sudden started dropping dead , McConnell would instantly change his mind as to whether or not the vaccine makers should have immunity to lawsuits.


Two good resource guides to dealing with the global capitalist monoculture’s cancerous spread is Ancient Futures by Helena Norberg-Hodge and Dreaming the Dark by Starhawk. Ms. Norberg-Hodge is a driving force behind The Ladakhi Project, an NGO focusing on decentralization to save local cultures that know their land, climate, and how to sustainably live. Even Fuchsia Dunlop’s memoir of her trips to China-Shark’s Fin and Sichuan Pepper, documents the global monoculture’s destruction of ancient cultures and beautiful architecture, replacing them with the ubiquitous concrete and steel apartment blocks and skyscrapers.
One thing’s for sure-global capitalists, or just plain capitalists, sure do love plug ugly stuff. Less costly to make without all those frills and frescos.


Hi kb1729:

Sadly this pandemic KILLS-----and Stanford, YOU should be ashamed of yourself.

HOWEVER, this will make a great and awful horror movie. It will be filled with words of grasping and disgusting, soulless RICH humans…BUT as the rich take all the vaccine—the medical people are left high and dry in the ,midst of a pandemic-- the medial workers die!!!
In revenge, the pretend medical will show up at the homes of the rich and grasping ----and pretend that they are there to give the second vaccine.
NO one is sure who to trust at this point-----but greed and avarice steal it all-----and the human race offs itself through deceit and greed. BUT-------- elephants survive and Monarch butteries---- and deer stop dying from wasting disease, and health returns to the environment-----the virus, like the Pandemic of 1918---- goes away!
AND unlike the," Planet of the Apes ," movie, many humans isolated and wore masks— and so many humans did survive after all. FINALLY sociallism made sense and like the virus, the soulless rich disappeared and so did Congress, because after all most people do have enough sense NOT to sell their souls! : )


Millions of people just put Q-nuts and assorted conspiracy mongers in state legislatures and Congress. Carlson just went anti-vaccine the other night. As much as I hate seeing people like Rupert Murdoch get special treatment—he got an early shot in Britain—it’s good the conspiracy-filled rubes see folks like Pence get vaccinated. Maybe that will encourage them.

It’s difficult though. People who pushed outright garbage that lead to thousands of death get the jab first, while others wait.