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First Look in the Mirror, Mr. President, to Quell America’s Deadly Violence

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/08/07/first-look-mirror-mr-president-quell-americas-deadly-violence

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We’re way past Trump’s slit-eyed, dry husk teleprompter act of faux concern and blaming everyone but himself.

There once was a ban on these assault weapons, but Trump’s party of Republicans did not renew it. All of the terror, shattered bones, splashed brains and crushed families are on Trump and the Republicans.

The only question: Which American city or town will be next? Ask Trump and Mitch.


First Look in the Mirror…

Why bother pretending he cares or has a desire to fix these problems? He has every intention of making this get worse. In fact, fomenting blood in the streets if he can


It’s very important to refer to Trump as “Mr. President,” as it recognizes the gravitas of the office. Even if Trump doesn’t.

There is no gun crisis. There is a deep crisis of denial among the people of this great nation, and there is an inexcusable delay by the people in finding a true, genuine solution to the problem.

The denial is in our denying that we have created and nurtured a warring nation that was built on war and continues to be so, whether we like it or not. Nowhere else on this planet will you find the same programming that we have in America. War and violence is bred into us at the earliest of ages and then is positively reinforced through adolescence and adulthood. Go, and ask Germany if during their childhoods they play games with titles such as Cowboys and Indians. Go, and ask any of the Asian countries if they have early childhood programming that includes games such as, Cops and Robbers. Even Go, and ask Russia, or Iran, if during their childhoods if they are programmed with such games as little green army men. Combine this early programming with a social epidemic like the Narcissism that has spread to all ages of Americans, and then sprinkle on a healthy dose of games, movies and media that is 90% violent, war driven and focused upon the false self, and what you get are the multitude of young shooters that we just now are beginning to seek out trends upon.

And I am not even mentioning the fact that the older population has left our youth with a used up and soon to be resourceless planet. Much of our youth realize that the 90+% of the population will slave away for 70 years of their lives, working 50-60 hours a week, and yet will die poor and in debt. When you traverse down this road of reality one begins to feel a little empathy for why our youth are behaving in the way they are. I mean really, what is there left to live for?

So how do we stop the bleeding from this epidemic that seemingly just keeps growing in momentum? We MUST profile these shooters in an intelligent way in which will result in a high rate of cutting these instances off at the pass before they become the next bloody venue in your town. We should have been doing this a long time ago! We must closely analyze the commonalities of these shooters, and above al else, we must seek out the data that will lead to early warning, and interdiction. So, some of this work has already been done. Do yo know what one of the most important commonalities is in every one of these cases? That the shooter showed early warning signs. Signs that should have been acknowledged by those closest to them. Hmmm, is it denial again rearing its ugly head? Nah, my son/brother/father is just talking crazy shit, he wouldnt go and carry anything like that out. BULLSHIT! Early intervention could have stopped damn near every single one of these cases. First and foremost though, we all need to pull our heads out of this deep state of denial that seems to be plaguing us from the very onset of this issue. And finally, we must begin to make the dire changes in our lives, our societies, and in our hearts if we will ever have a chance at stopping this horrible backlash upon our lives and our beings.

Stop blaming the gun, and start blaming yourself.

Love, Light and Power,

When I read the title of the article I had to wonder if Jackson was actual delusional enough to believe Trump will do anything other then continue to try and destroy America.


I always would read what Jackson has to say, he has paid his dues for so long. But his idea that Trump and the country are “better than that” is wishful thinking, we are as good as what we do, which is very mixed and includes plenty of gun violence and racist, misogynist crimes, that is part of who we are

Good point.
Sometimes I find “Optimism” delusional and dangerous.
Sometimes I find Optimism is used as an opiate to quite the masses and keep them from realizing what’s happening.

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