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First Nations and Allies Vow to Fight Kinder Morgan Pipeline Approval


First Nations and Allies Vow to Fight Kinder Morgan Pipeline Approval

Nika Knight, staff writer

Canada's National Energy Board (NEB) announced late Thursday that it has found oil giant Kinder Morgan's planned expansion of a pipeline that transports tar sands oil to the British Columbia coast "in the public interest."

"The fishing grounds of the Salish Sea are the lifeblood of our peoples. We cannot sit idly by while these waters are threatened by reckless increases in oil tanker traffic and the increased risk of catastrophic oil spills."
—Mel Sheldon, Tulalip Tribes Chairman


Protect the fishing grounds is a wise position to take but they are too late. Fukushima has destroyed the fishery. 4 total meltdowns where the cores are spewing toxins at a rate that is well beyond most peoples wildest dreams. A young lady in Alberta with a Giger counter took some readings of the very fish that the Salish are trying to protect and they are not fit to eat. The readings were very high hundreds of times over the limit. The Salish are fighting a battle over fish that will very soon just go away with or without a pipeline. I say let the pipeline proceed there is simply nothing left to loose.


Thank you for presenting a case study in idiocy.
What you apparently fail to realize is that the days are over of anonymous assertions of an economic perspective that in turn applies presumptuous political hegemony that in a single step conflates the two as a springboard to negate a stated intent of a people you also apparently feel should be ignored and left unrecognized.

What is most educational about your post is how it reveals a methodology by which cause and effect are cobbled together with half-information to dismiss all that you do not know and then present that as if it had some sort of integrity. The autonomy of a native people, their treaty protected sovereignty, to be denied because you claim there is a young woman with a geiger counter (documentation please - regardless of it being irrelevant to the issue at hand).

Please do keep your post up. This online community relishes learning opportunities.


Just a little backgrounder for you:

2014 - Seattle, WA; Vancouver, BC — Opposition to Kinder Morgan’s TransMountain proposed pipeline project ramped up today as Coast Salish peoples on both sides of the U.S.-Canadian border vowed to oppose the project as intervenors before Canada’s National Energy Board (NEB). Coast Salish intervenors include the Swinomish Indian Tribal Community, Tulalip Tribes, Lummi Nation, and Suquamish Tribe in Washington state, and the Musqueam, Squamish and Tsleil-Waututh Nations in British Columbia.


The approval hardly means the Pipeline a forgone conclusion. I would point out that Enbridge recently asked for an extension on the approval for the pipeline they wish to build in Northern BC (Northern Gateway). Umder NEB rules once approval given they have a set period of time to commence construction.

Enbridge did manage to bring a number of the First nations tribes on board but find some 15 or so still are resisting having the pipeline cross their territory. What they are doing to get them on board is upping the bribe , giving various tribes a share in the pipeline and its profits.

If this thing can be delayed some more years the costs of construction will go UP even as (ideally) the price of Oil and Gas drops as it replaced by renewables.


The NEB and centrist government zealots still don’t get it - no means no.