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First Nations Wins Historic Victory Over Mammoth Coal Export Terminal



All thanks and gratitude goes to native people's everywhere for the heroic resistence they are putting up. Every victory brings another...let's join them wherever possible.


If the First People made the rules, all life would be sacred and Mother Earth and all the species would be sacred. would not rule. This is such good news!


Here is a link that provides more info on how many groups aided the Lummi Nation in their quest to preserve their land/water: http://www.sightline.org/2016/05/09/lummi-nation-defeats-coal-export-terminal/

BRAVO to the Lummi Nation and all who aided them in their quest!!!


This would have been a bit more impressive if the world coal market were not in a state of collapse. The is was more a matter of putting foolish project out of its misery. Even the Army Corps had the balls for that. Just about everyone from Seattle north to the Canadian border was against this project. So the Lummis had lots of company on this one. If the feds hadn't killed it, either the county or the state would have. The good news here is that this project got killed early in the permitting game, saving resources and energy for other fights.


The Corps was correct to deny the permit. This is certainly not the time to expand coal exports. But while the article rightly celebrated the victory of the Lummi Nation, I was surprised to find no mention of the Crow Tribe of Montana. It was Crow coal that would have been mined and shipped and the millions of dollars that would have been paid to the tribe would have gone a long way in reducing reservation poverty and unemployment. One tribe won. One tribe lost. If that fact hadn't made it into the lede, it should have been mentioned somewhere.