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First-of-Its-Kind Global Health Study Finds Americans Dying at Shocking Rates


First-of-Its-Kind Global Health Study Finds Americans Dying at Shocking Rates

Nika Knight, staff writer

Americans are dying at a shockingly high rate from preventable causes, found a first-of-its-kind global health study published late Thursday.

The new research demonstrates that despite the fact that the U.S. has the largest economy in the world, healthcare for many of its residents is woefully inadequate. The U.S. was tied with Estonia and Montenegro, far below other wealthy nations such as Norway, Canada, and Australia, in the study's ranking of 195 countries.


Health care in the US is not about care at all,but about delivering money to those who hold your health hostage for large sums of cash.


No death statistics for that horrific, endemic US blight… Pre-Existing Conditions?


There are no privatized for profit and avarice path to health care. We tried that for years prior to the ACA and the ACA tried to tweak that process. It is logically and economically an oxymoron to try to make a monopoly a free market system. It hasn’t worked, it will not work. Every civilized nation has understood this yet our country, with its arrogance can’t seem to understand this.


That the US can spend trillions of dollars on illegal wars and nothing is done about it, while even a fraction of the dollars spent on illegal wars for the vested interests of the American empire, would give the US one of the best healthcare systems in the world, is just unconscionable! Just imagine if our healthcare budget replaced our Pentagon budget!


I hope that people keep this in mind not only with Republicans and their atrocious healthcare bill, but also when Democrats are asked whether or not they support single payer. The decision to not support single payer results in people dying, and objecting to that has little to do with ideology. The ACA is far better than the Republicans’ plan, it is better than what preceded it, but it is also not sustainable and relies upon wasteful and inefficient healthcare companies and doesn’t address many problems within the system, such as the government being barred from negotiating down the price of drugs with the drug monopolists (who have a monopoly as they do because of the intellectual property rights laws the politicians have created and because the politicians have found ways to socialize a large share of R & D costs).


Our ‘health care’ based on the AMA’s pharmaceutical model is the real problem alongside insurance companies for profit motive. Single payer for toxic drug coverup of symptoms is not the answer. Taking precriptions does not result in improved health. Improving health is the answer to disease and our ‘medical profession’ is poorly trained for this task. The monopoly that the drug companies have over disease care is the problem. This problem will never be solved until a revolution replacing drugs with healthy diet and lifestyle occurs. People believing in MD’s as somehow being intelligent, well trained and having the answer ignores that MD’s are the third leading cause of death after heart disease and cancer. Google it.


One downside to a national medical insurance program is that Washington DC gives the AMA, insurance, pharma and other industries a very cost effective one stop bribing station to control such programs.

Why do you think Medicare doesn’t cover things like acupuncture and natureopathic medicine ?

Fortunately each European nation has its own medical insurance program, buffering them from being weakened by an EU that is following DC’s lead and fast becoming Europe’s cost effective bribing station…approving GMOs an all.


In Oregon, the only benchmark the State met in a 7 yr drive to lower the above mentioned chronic medical conditions, was smoking reduction. This was accomplished by big cigarette tax increases.
Some of these state programs hit only 50% of their goals.
The issue is always $$$ and poor outreach to the communities needing the most assistance, of course. Couldn’t be the cost of medical care and insurance, oh nos. Never!
For a state that bills itself as the "MicroBrewery Capital of the United States “, we can’t seem to get an equitable alcohol tax of some sort, passed. This could be said of the wine industry, as well. The sacred cows of Oregon cause some of these chronic medical conditions, but unlike smoking which is taxed heavily, they escape the taxman because they’re” job creating engines ". Irony, poor health and good lobbyists go hand in hand, often times. What’s on tap?
If the ACA goes away, we’ll have $3.3 Billion state budget hole to repair, mostly affecting Medicaid recipients. Ouch! Fill it with beer and wine, possibly. Get a cork for the bung hole, too.
Oddly enough, we have a booming economy with a historic 3.7% unemployment rate and housing prices are skyrocketing. Rents are as well. Drink up! Have one on the house? No problem.
Our state has a current $1.7 Billion deficit, Corporations’ taxes are the lowest in the nation and they pay only about 80% of what they should ( according to progressive interest groups ). We have no sales tax because some retailers, microbreweries, wineries, restaurants, etc. evidently, don’t like those either. Chug-a-lug! Beer’s on sale at Wal-Mart & Cosco! Awesome!
The lack of a sales tax also allows the underground and under-the-table economy to escape paying taxes, as well. But, those same people require medical care and use other state services, one would imagine. Especially, if they fall off a roof, weed wack their leg or cut their fingers off trimming those tasty sativa buds. Pour some whiskey on it!
But, whatever you do, don’t try to make the state try to collect the necessary taxes to actually run this joint. You might upset the wrong people; you know, the real moochers. And, that’ll drive them to drinkin’, druggin’ and doin’ something illegal. No way, man. When’s happy hour, again?


Northern neighbor Washington has the highest tobacco tax in the US but won’t discourage smoking since the tax brings the gubmit so much revenue.

Declining life expectancies in the US during the past decade are no surprise when you consider that it has been nearly a half century since economic prospects including income and wealth disparity were improving for the average Murkin.


We could cover everyone in Oregon by restructuring the tax code ( property taxes, too ) and making the Corporate tax rate equitable. At least Washington gets after the underground economy with the sales tax.
A national alcohol tax, a national retail tax on soft drinks, a new luxury tax, re-jiggering the corporate tax code and a tax on excelerated stock trades, combined with a cut in the DoD/Security State of 10-12%. That’s several hundred billion buck yearly, probably more. Vice taxes and speculation taxes work, that’s why everyone hates them. Taxing the underground economy is only fair, as well.




Our health care system generates the healthiest profits of any country in the world. And, hey, isn’t that what it’s all about?


It still boils down to an extortion racket, insurance co’s, big pharma, and hospital pricing for profit, all add up to a system of waste and excess. The patient is left out of the calculus of pricing schemes. For what it’s worth we do have very good doctors and nurses that care for their patients. The beaurocracy though takes up far too much time that should be spent with patients. I know first hand, I spent the better part of 07-08 in the hospital and they saved my life, thanx.


When it is preventable, quite often that means that some precious mega-corporation is losing (or, more likely, not making enough) money.
Hence the outcome.


I found this video (“Rockefeller Medicine”) pretty interesting:

And here’s another you might want to listen to, titled “Dr Gabor Maté - Why Capitalism Makes Us Sick”:


…and with the leftovers we’d have enough to house everyone who doesn’t have one…really…land still have leftovers.


ALL INSURANCE needs to be single payer because ALL the Insurance market is are money managers and most of the money is MANAGED into someone’s ‘personal’ bank account…So, in my mind Insurance co’s are thieves.


When 9/11 happened and 3,000 people were killed, it changed America forever and accelerated an annual multi-billion response to terror. When over 3,000 Americans die every month from treatable medical conditions because they cannot afford care or don’t have access to it, it’s met with silence. We commit terror on a monumental scale against Americans …and this time the terrorists are us. In that sense, America is really the exceptional country.


Loved your post. This line reminded me of a very good book, well worth a 2nd hand purchase:
#Marijuana is Safer: So Why Are We Driving People to Drink?
(2nd Edition by Steve Fox, Mason Tvert, Paul Armentano)

Facts, and more facts strung together like Christmas lights.
And Mason Tvert (spearheaded the #64 campaign) predicted in the first edition in 2009, that #64 would pass in Colorado, which it did in 2012. Find at your favorite 2nd hand book dealer. (Met him twice–a very very very nice (DT speak), professional spokesperson.)

For fun, watch Mason Tvert and Nancy Grace (she loves mispronouncing his last name) He stays level-headed, but her head is about to blow up because "marijuana makes a person shoot, stab, strangle each other, drive under the influence, kill families–wipe out a whole family" and as she says "It’s ADDICTIVE, ADDICTIVE, It’s ADDICTIVE-----oh and the CHILDREN, save the CHILDREN, CHILDREN-----(NO–SAVE the CHILDREN from 1930’s propaganda Nancy Grace and the guy on the left perpetuate)