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First Republican Elector Joins Anti-Trump Revolt

First Republican Elector Joins Anti-Trump Revolt

Nika Knight, staff writer

A Republican elector has become the first of his party to join an unprecedented Electoral College revolt against President-elect Donald Trump, an effort led by eight Democratic electors that seeks to block the looming far-right administration from taking power in January.

Bannon is a Lenninist? Must be a misprint

Given Trump’s clearly insane choices for advisers, etc. an electoral college revolt is exactly what we need.


I have absolutely no use for HRC, but having said that, she did get over 2 million more popular votes than Trump, so that means there are approximately 50 million people or more that voted against Trump.

This Republican Elector may be well meaning, but not going to oust Trump. From my perspective, only a peaceful anti-Trump, revolt by 50 million Americans would have any chance of ousting Trump. But that also looks futile because Pence is not much better.

I object to the term ‘faithless electors.’ Those talking heads just have to bring religion into every political situation, as if God gives two sh*ts about US elections.
Still It is an amazing act of faith in democracy for any elector to buck the system.

Haha. The spelling is the message?

"an Electoral College should determine if candidates are qualified … and independent from foreign influence,”

Candidates independent from foreign influence? So who the hell has AIPAC been funding?

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But you do point out a much overlooked and ignored dynamic of virtual “faith” pumped by market media: a loyalty to the material (product=effect) with all earmarks of a ‘religious’ attitude. It tends to play bollix with any coherent clarity on cause and effect and content vs process