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First Responders Sue Texas Chemical Plant for 'Gross Negligence' After Fire and Explosions


First Responders Sue Texas Chemical Plant for 'Gross Negligence' After Fire and Explosions

Jake Johnson, staff writer

First responders filed a lawsuit Thursday against the chemical company Arkema, whose plant in Harris County, Texas caught fire as a result of flooding caused by Hurricane Harvey.


I hope this suit results in big time pay out by the chemical plant! I’d like to know what the chemical was that sickened our first responders.


Chemical: probably Benzene as it has a low evaporation point (temp) and a moderate condensation point (after evaporation). The evaporated Benzene vapors are heavy and lay close to the ground or in/around shrubs/walls and then proceed to condense with the inherent toxicity remaining high throughout.

Benzene and Cancer Risk

Guess Arkema (a French chemical/plastics company) has operations in Houston, TX where regulatory oversight is virtually non-existent and pay-offs to regulators commonplace.


The charge should be ‘Criminal Negligence’. The managers and owners of the facility knew that the storm was coming, and that the explosion would be coming - it had happened before. They should be in jail.


And I would add that their factory be shut down permanently, all execs tried and incarcerated, and the parent company made to pay the cost of cleanup of the property they occupied in Houston in addition to massive fines for their malfeasance/criminal neglect.


Don’t forget pay offs to local legislators, state and federal government officials to keep passing legislation friendly to oil and banking monstrous conglomerates.


Texas laws require no entities ask any ???s about what these petrochemical plants contain, store, etc. Orwellian-- ya think?:wink:


This is from the TRI listing of the Portland Arkema site that shows a lot of water contamination and lots of demands to clean it up. There is probably one from the Texas site as well.



I wonder what his fellow officers think of Harris County Sheriff Ed Gonzalez and his outright lies after they ended up in the hospital. They all know what a lying POS he is. I imagine things are not all cozy around the Sheriff Office these days. Maybe they can put a few drops of the toxic sludge into his coffee and see how well his body tolerates that safe and sound non-toxic crap he peddles to the media.


It probably was no more dangerous than standing over a camp fire. Of course standing in a fire will kill you pretty quick, they used to call it burning someone at the stake ie standing over a camp fire. Lying to the authorities about the risk, jail terms are the only appropriate response to that.


Here’s hoping that Arkema gets its clock cleaned in court!


Yep, like all the “bidness-friendly” states of the Ole Confederacy!


Perhaps it isn’t an accident that Mother Nature has targeted Texas and Florida to be this year’s recipients of the appropriate punishment for DELIBERATELY and MALICIOUSLY ignoring Her laws . . .

What SHOULD be done and what WILL be done are two entirely different things (see preceding quotes).
And remember also that War Criminals Cheney, Prince, Rumsfeld, Rove, Yoo et al are still walking free,
as are the Banksters responsible for the 2008 financial meltdown.  NOT ONE of these scum was even
brought to trial – much less convicted – during the eight years of the O’Bummer/Pelosi administration.


OMG! We can’t wake up from this nightmare.


Unfortunately so true but we are not helpless and can never ever give up


Corrupt Rethugrican Texan politicians stand in the way of business responsibility, but there is room for doubt that not withstanding Harvey represents "gross negligence"
Some lawyer is drooling.


Yes, but the important thing is that Arkema makes lots of profits. That’s what the plant is for - to produce these chemicals that will be sold and create a nice large profit for the company. Health and well-being of people is wayyy down the list.

Don’t you get that? PROFIT. It is what makes America and the world go 'round!


I refuse to donate at my local cash registers to any Texas bail out after checking out Jeb Hansarling’s anti consumer protection bill in congress. Let him pay for Harvey clean up. This guy is so dirty he makes the worst federal prison prisoner look angelic…


Sound like Benzine a carcinogen.