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First Survey of Sanders Delegates: Potential Clash Ahead


First Survey of Sanders Delegates: Potential Clash Ahead


WASHINGTON - The first major survey of Bernie Sanders delegates reveals big concerns about Hillary Clinton’s pending choice of a vice presidential candidate, with many delegates expressing their willingness to publicly denounce prospective running-mates and even protest on the convention floor.

The nationwide survey was conducted by the independent Bernie Delegates Network, an initiative launched by RootsAction.org in partnership with Progressive Democrats of America. The results were released Saturday.



I'd say it really doesn't matter who she picks. I will not b voting for her. I can't fathom a VP pick who would change my mind about Hillary Clinton. I think if the Democrats wan to be assured of beat Mr. Trump, they should nominate Bernie Sanders


hear! hear!


Interesting. If Hillary chooses one of the named, or someone similar, it just might consolidate Bernistas to defect from the Dems and vote Green. It might also shove many if not most indys that way too. Maybe even some Dems who were for Hillary out of party loyalty, but can't swallow the final ticket.

This could initiate a movement by the "revolution" for a massive national campaign for the Greens/Stein. Politics in the US could conceivably be transformed. Optimistic to the point of utopian, I know but who can say?

P.S. Remember, the transcripts or recordings of those speeches haven't surfaced yet. But they will, they will..................


The only future I see for this country is if Bernie Sanders is elected President and even then we have a VERY long and hard road ahead. We and the entire world are in great danger. I don't think there is a high enough human consciousness to rise to all the challenges we face. I hope I'm wrong. The next few years will tell. I am in my seventh decade, if I was in my 20's or 30's I would be REALLY PISSED at the corporate powers and what they have done on this planet. I do not believe violence can resolve conflict. However, if all efforts to resolve our differences through working together in a spirit of goodwill have been rejected then we will be left with very few options. At some point we may need to forcibly (not violently but by shear force of numbers and with the full co-operation of what Professor Howard Zinn called ..."the Guards of society" ) take control of our resources and act to remediate the damage that has been done.


Add to that:
I did a survey that was posted strictly on Berner sites; it has consistently with each day's respondent batch shown the percentage of those who will not vote for Hillary ever at just over 95%. It also reflects that 85% of the ‪#bernieorbust‬movement are REGISTERED DEMOCRATS. Hillary isn’t even carrying her own party membership. That’s what she’s resorting to a voter signup campaign. She thinks there are some out here who’d actually support her. Wrong Ms Clinton!

What does this mean?
The electorate:
•45% are independents/Berners/‪#nothillaryever‬pledges
•23% are registered Dems

Let’s calculate:
•95% of 43% = Hill loses the general election
•85% of 23% = Hill loses the general election

If the DNC and Dem party stays on this same course, THEY MAKE TRUMP PRESIDENT.

We’ve backed a very well qualified and honest candidate in Bernie Sanders, who can beat Trump handily. BUT THE DEM STATUS QUI KICKED HIM TO THE CURB. So now THEY CAN CHOOSE-if its still Hillary – TRUMP WINS BECAUSE OF THE PRESIDENT, THE DNC AND THE DEM STATUS QUO.

So, No kumbayah. No "party unity" (we refuse to be a part of such a corrupt party unless they nominate Bernie). No surge of support for Hill or the Dems. We recognize a viper pit when we see one. And Trump fear-mongering ISN'T WORKING FOLKS.

Nominate Clinton >> Make Trump president