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First the National Security State Surged Baghdad, Now It Is Surging Portland and Seattle

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/07/25/first-national-security-state-surged-baghdad-now-it-surging-portland-and-seattle

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As with many other issues, liberals like Cole insist upon framing every problem we face as Trumpian, as if all we need to do is vote Democrat, and we can return to the mythical “normal”, or we’ll have elected officials who are friendlier to our position and who can be persuaded.

Clearly there is coordination between Portland federal and local officials. For all the pollitical posturing, none of these camouflage thugs are getting arrested by police or national guard. Police unions called for the federal intervention, and local officials there have been complicit in the ‘surge’.


In fact, if the demonstrators hadn’t responded in the way they did, the few who were out in the streets would have been isolated and overrun the same way the OWS activists were -by Obama. The cops could have rehabilitated their reputation by creating DHS as a new bogeyman.

This issue is an example of how Democrats and Republicans work together to prevent change in classic good cop/bad cop fashion.

Unfortunately, some liberals just can’t seem to figure out who the adversary is.


These “Terrorist Troops” that Donald Duck is pushing into Portland so as to stop the freedom of speech so many protesting “Institutionalized Racism and Police Brutality,” these are the same troops this Federal Government are asking every citizen of the United States of America to honor for their service in making us all safer.

How fucking ironic is that?

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There would have to be, purely for logistical reasons – so that “good guys” don’t wind up in shoot-outs with other, unidentified “good guys” (confining myself momentarily to absurd established usage). So then what signifies all the vain posturing? Unlike the coordinated shutdown of OWS, police-state tactics seem to keep prolonging the Floyd Rebellion beyond all expectations, today.

I’d like to know what Chicago thinks it’s doing playing footsie with the goons.

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  1. the unlawful use of violence and intimidation, especially against civilians, in the pursuit of political aims.
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The Trump formula of trying to win back the suburban voters (who are apparently abandoning him in droves) by scaring them into believing that “violent anarchists” and black folks are heading out to the burbs to do who knows what…Is backfiring badly.

And the more he pursues that formula, the worse it’ll get for Trump.

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Surge” was and is a promise that the surge will recede, that the troops will leave.

They cannot keep this up as they are beginning it. They can militarily, of course, but they have outrun their spin doctors. That will cost them.

But it is certain that they are working on a permanent militarized presence. I wonder if anyone’s taking bets on a declaration of military law in November.