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First They Came for Assange

First They Came for Assange

Yanis Varoufakis

My meetings with WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange all took place in the same small room. As the intelligence services of a variety of countries know, I visited Assange in Ecuador’s London embassy many times between the fall of 2015 and December 2018. What these snoops do not know is the relief I felt every time I left.

Assange’s early writings—particularly his idea of using states’ own technology to create a huge digital mirror that could show everyone what they were up to—filled me with hope that we might collectively defeat Big Brother.

It is illegal (or at least ubiquitously unethical) to yell “Fire!” in a crowded theatre, unless, of course the theatre is truly on fire, when it should be illegal (and unethical) to not yell “Fire!” Assange saw the latter situation and responded accordingly. To the whistleblowers everywhere: Solidarity!


I read this yesterday, in European media. It is interesting how much more support he gets from the European left compared to the US one. Another really good article was at Counterpunch yesterday, that ties this case to the one of MLK and wars. It goes outside of the narrow legal arguments that have taken center stage.


The only reason he gets the support in the European media is that he’s seen primarily in the light of sticking his finger in the eye of the US government. If he had released the secrets of the EU, they’d be for lynching him.

Just look how the Ecuadorians threw him out when he released their secrets.

Everyone loves a whistleblower when he’s blowing the whistle on someone else.

Unfortunately, Big Brother manages to keep everyone fractures, so he usually gets his way. Hoping or the best, but I fear Assange will fall down the memory hole.

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The Swedish investigation always seemed contrived. The supposed victims never wanted to press charges or stated they were harmed by Julian. They were interviewed by police and the police made a determination of potential wrong-doing.

Here is a BBC report when charges were mostly dropped:

Then Sweden refused to guarantee they won’t pass Julian off to the US if they get him and don’t have enough to hold him.

Regarding US charges, Bill Binney has proven the files from Manning and from the DNC servers were leaked (i.e. downloaded to a USB stick by an insider and then physically mailed) and not a hack (i.e. uploaded server-server remotely).

  1. Ecuador needs a new loan from the international Monetary fund
  2. They need favors from the US govt.
  3. Wikileaks published a video of the current leader of Ecuador in his opulence
  4. The former leader of Ecuador who granted Julian asylum and citizenship is himself in hiding and in Exile from the country
  5. The Clinton family’s limitless desire for corruption, power and greed was destroyed by multiple forces, and wikileaks was a big part of it.

A. We can’t have just one organization exposing the sociopaths in control.
B. All seven and a half billion people on this planet want comfort riches. Less than a hundred have grown a pair
C. Common Dreams published and article that criticizes feminism.
D. The butt hurt are coming for you next.


Not much danger of that happening because most of them aren’t real journalists at all but just a bunch of muppets. Most news programmes should do the right thing and replace their theme music with that of the muppet show accordingly.


This is what rips my burner. On the other hand, for what it is worth and if civil society will rise to the challenge, Julian Assange has proven the value of solid documentation: it holds up over time to the point of being timelessly invaluable. This in turn is like a coating that cannot be shed by perpetrators, those colluding and any coercion manufacturers, like substances that show up under ultraviolet light. Our recognition of the facts is our ultra violet light. Switches ready everyone?

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When did he editorialize in favor of Trump? I heard Assange say on DemocracyNow! that choosing between Clinton and Trump was like choosing between syphilis and ghonorrea.


Hi WW Smith… as long as People remember Assange and speak of him and warn others what a nation WILL become when power becomes the only value----then Julian Assange will never be forgotten . I won’t forget him.

I want to take umbrage at this insult to muppets… yet I’m enjoying the mental picture of Statler and Waldorf heckling the corporate infotainment barkers.

Boy was he right in that statement!

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I would rather of had the corruption of Clinton than what sits in my house now.

I hope you’re right, but I see the ever-shrinking attention span of people, and expect the worst. But, it will happen again, and again, until people do remember.

Just because women should be heard regarding sexual assault does not mean that men should not. Yaroufakis could simply inform himself and speak directly.

In Assange’s case, there were no charges filed, ever. The Swedish government claimed to wish to talk to him, but refused to do so when the meeting was offered. It would have been perfectly easy to find him, since he was under de facto house arrest for years. And they have traveled to speak to people wanted for crimes in the past.

Among other things, it is a trivialization of the very real problems of sexual assault that these charges should be abused for political leverage against the wishes of the supposed victims.


What Varoufakis is saying is that the upper class “feminist” #MeToo “movement” doesn’t give a damn about the women of Iraq, of Afghanistan, of Syria, of Libya, of Yemen whose lives were have been destroyed by US foreign policy or, for that matter, of working class women of the USA.


Jimmy Carter on Wikileaks

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Change isn’t free in fact its damned expensive. We (the 99%) are already caught in a trap. Status Quo will not get us out of that trap.

If we keep voting for these rightwing corporate ‘Democrats’, and, the Party leadership believes they can count on us doing that (one way or another) - NOTHING will ever change. Ever. If there are no consequences for a behavior, there is no reason to change the behavior.

What’s the definition of Insanity?

Hi WWSmith:
BUT----once climate change and lack of food kick in-----all bets are off!

Thank you Bardamu for your comment. It has made me crazy that in our rush to right the wrongs committed against women that we seem to have abandoned the simplest of legal ideas: evidence please. In some cases there has been so much evidence, ignored for so long that it makes you wanna go all vigilante on the perpetrators asses. But doing that just opens the way for the CIA to exploit this new awareness of the world of male privilege and that seems to have been done in this case. Ya can’t just say “women”, Yanis, to avoid giving an opinion on the abuse and torture of a journalist, even if he is a sexist.