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First to Fall? Panama Papers Bring Down Iceland PM, Portending Future Fallout


First to Fall? Panama Papers Bring Down Iceland PM, Portending Future Fallout

Nika Knight, staff writer

In the first instance of a prominent politician taken down by the 11.5 million documents leaked in the Panama Papers, Iceland Prime Minister Sigmundur Davíð Gunnlaugsson resigned on Tuesday after fully 10 percent of Iceland's population rallied in protest of his wife's secret, offshore shell company holding millions.


If only we had the same ethic in Washington. Just what sort of “mass movement” do we need to get the Congressional crooks to “resign”? It will be most interesting to watch the Congress twist and churn through the next few months. As we know, we have a Congress of millionaires. And how many of our leaders in the FED are hooked on slippery tax laws? How many of them have a numbered account in Panama? The names will be in the book. Might be a great time to buy a house cheep in DC.


Good, at least the prime minister of Iceland has some integrity absent on the whole in our political personalities, i.e. Walker, Snyder, et al. If Hilary Clinton had any integrity she would call off her candidacy, leave politics and return the taxes she and her family owe to the American taxpayers.



Heather Lowe, director of government affairs at Global Financial Integrity, said: “I would expect the US to be highlighted for both prominent Americans who are using offshore companies and because Mossack Fonseca had what appears to be a network office in the state of Nevada,”
She added: “It is extremely easy, and legal, to create an anonymous company in any state in the US, but a few states are well-known for being open for anonymous business – Nevada, Delaware and Wyoming.”


Panama Papers = Panama Deception


“President Barack Obama addressed the Panama Papers leak for the first time on Tuesday, condemning the laws that make offshore tax havens legal.” So said the mealy mouthed.


Thanks for posting and keeping us all alert.


I think hrc just lost but accountability here in capitalism land? Not. You know that prison over there in Cuba? It sure looks empty and lonely from where I sit. It will take decades of court battles and reforms to turn this joint right-side out and get it upright again. Are congress and the courts up to it? Not. Will there even be an election? Bernie is on fire and that is a no-no for mr. greenback.


it does seem suspect in some ways, agreed.


The Shill playing shell games? No shit!


I recently watched a televised interview with the Iceland PM who bragged that the nation was so peaceful that he did not need bodyguards.

No sure how true that is today ?


“we don’t reciprocate by complying with international …”

Just fill in the dots, USA, as it should please you, in regard to any international responsibility. We’ll accept your concerns, as we must…


" The names will be in the book" Maybe, but if they are, they may never see the light of day. An article by Craig Murray, yesterday, titled " Corporate media gatekeepers protect western 1% from Panama leak" , describes why.
The Papers are in part being held by journalists that are funded by the likes of Rockefeller, the Ford foundation, a George Soros foundation and more. The Guardian news agency claims that no Americans on the list will be exposed.
Sorry I couldn’t make the link work, but just google Craig Murray and the title of the article above. You will not be disappointed!!
Ooops, just saw where Giovanna posted the link above.


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Lordbaldric, you hit the nail squarely on the head. This is a US/CIA backed and funded psyop to smear Putin/Russia, and the other BRICS countries.


I don’t think he can take credit for that, he was only elected in 2013 and investigative prosecutions against these bankers had already begun. He is also Prime Minister of a centre right coalition, head of the Icelandic Liberal Party, (in the non-US sense of the word) so I guess we can deduce where his sympathies lie.