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First You Bomb and Starve a Country. Then You're Praised for Sending in Aid

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/06/28/first-you-bomb-and-starve-country-then-youre-praised-sending-aid


Transparent as the gunk they pump out of the ground the Saudis and their US fixers should get no praise for anything that happens in Yemen. A hard time out and a spanking, yes, but praise, never. Too much blood on both sides. I need a shower.


People are too busy with other things to even care. It has become the American way. The way that republicanism has lead us. Into a sense of individualism. Boot strap mentality. I-ME-MINE.
We need more than 1% of the people involved in change for the better. Most Americans do not support the “It takes a village” concept. Except when it involves free money or diverted expenses.


It’s in the best interest of the Global Village’s feudal lords not to know what harm is coming to the peasants in order to allow them to continue living good lives in the castle.


Most of Americans know nothing of the Yemen war and our involvement. They don’t know our total involvement with Saudi Arabia our so called ally. And do you know what? They don’t care if it is not interrupting their lifes. Now the pandemic matters to most of them except for el trumpo base but that base is getting a little bit smaller.

Most Americans don’t know what the economy is except for the stock market. I don’t know if I do anymore as my 3 terms of economics in the 80’s has very little to do with the economy today.