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Fiscal Fightback: Trump's Budget Could Ignite Progressive Uprising


Fiscal Fightback: Trump's Budget Could Ignite Progressive Uprising

Christopher Cook

President Trump’s budget proposal—a fiscal assault on everything other than rich people and the military—could prove to be progressives’ ultimate trump card. With its deep cuts to vital programs and protections for low-income and working-class people, including Trump’s own voters, it lays bare the scope of his destructive agenda.


But the People's Budget is the D-Party establishment's worst nightmare.

If they back it as a party, they'd be labeled as a bunch of tax and spend socialists who are weak on terrorism. And then they'd lose in moderate districts to Republicans.

Wait, they're already labeled as socialists? And they've taken a butt-whooping in recent elections?

Well then, I guess their only reason for not supporting the People's Budget is that the D-Party establishment actually believes in Austerity just like their corporate donors. Okay, now it's starting to make sense.


Want to fix the budget, stop the "f"ing wars


When Trump first began to run, the Dems dismissed him as a joke. Then progressives and the left focused on Trump and united behind the "lesser evil" war criminal and serial violator of the U.S. Constitution and U.S. and international laws, HRC. All the while claiming they would "hold her feet to the fire" while building progressive power.

Now they claim to build progressive power uniting with corrupt Dems to fight Trump's latest horror (a budget that is in many ways similar to some of Obama's). There seems to be a pattern here. Until progressives and leftists (including Bernie Sanders and Bernistas) remove themselves from the Democratic Party, the party will continue to succeed at its main function: co-opt progressivism and leftism in the U.S. and neuter all real alternatives to Duopoly control.


Nothing on Mark Zuckerberg's comments--I have seen numerous rich elites aghast at what Zuckerberg said.I am no fan of facebook-but I do respect that he points out the importance of sharing the wealth.
Its time for the owners of this country stop being slaves and demand a part of the wealth. If you are born in this country you are an owner of this country and should share in its wealth. Alaska is a perfect example of this were they refund oil profits back to the people.
Anyone making profit off resources,should give back to the owners of this country! And this would include corporations that use large amounts of land and benefit from roads,infer-structure and all we spend on the military for their protection. How do we frame these debates

Is healthcare a right?
Is housing a right?