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'Five-Alarm Fire': As Trump Plots 'Flat-Out Coup,' Voters Urged to Deliver Biden Landslide to Avoid Chaos

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/09/24/five-alarm-fire-trump-plots-flat-out-coup-voters-urged-deliver-biden-landslide-avoid


It Is Happening Here!


This should be enough to launch an immediate impeachment. That they wait for the election results suggests this more a campaign strategy to get votes.


Oh the hysteria, the hysteria! I suppose we can ask the rest of the free world to unseat Trump if he loses and refuses to take the fine China/silver and pack his bags.

But seriously, did Trump just begin saying stupid things in the last few weeks, eh? Nopers. He’s been shooting off stupid, incorrect, misleading, demeaning comments, tweets, etc, since the day he was elected (and before, but nobody cared). So why is this any different. Trump says this stuff just to see neolibs cry.

But make no mistake, if Trump loses (and we all know he’s a sore loser), he’s gonna claim the election was rigged. Expect it. You know, kinda like in 2016: “Hillary really won, she had more votes.” Or 2000: “Gore really won.” ad nauseam.


2016 redux.

Republicans have closed the traditional voter registration gap with Democrats to an historically small margin in Florida, triggering a wave of Democratic apprehension in the nation’s biggest swing state.

Top Florida Democrats and longtime activists have increasingly groused in private that they feel pressure from Joe Biden’s campaign to refrain from door-to-door canvassing or holding voter registration drives due to the potential spread of the coronavirus and fears of muddying his messaging on the pandemic.



OK. Biden wants Progressive votes. If he supports #Medicare4All, I’ll hold my nose, choke down my vomit, and vote for him.

As soon as he announces his support, I’ll announce mine.


A Biden “landslide” is only important in swing states, the very states there is the least chance for a landslide. Most of these states are controlled by R’s at the state level, if Trump can sow enough disruption in the vote counting in those states, he can get those states to give the electoral votes to him.
Here is Rubio trying to tamp down the fire and run protection for Trump in his contested state of FL. and the rest.



I keep reading conflicting thoughts regarding voting in this coming election, vote for Biden/Harris in 2020 or we all lose. Stop the bs, vote for the future of our planet, your life depends on it. Peace


I guess it comes down to: WE GET TO VOTE FOR WHOM SUCKS THE LESS!


This article is correct. The popular vote counts this time more than ever. Trump will attempt to steal the election with his thug Roger Stone, just like what W did in 2000, except far worse, and with armed vigilantes.
Think Biden is just as bad as or even worse than Trump? You’re wrong.
Trump has all the bad features of Biden, but adds to that his own terrible traits.
Here are the uniquely dangerous features of Trump that make him far worse than Biden:

  • His entire adult life based on fraud, financial crimes, using bankruptcy to stiff employees, contractors and banks, creating fake businesses to rob people.
  • His entire adult life based on adultery, promiscuity, self-confessed sexual assaults, sleeping with porn stars and bribing them for silence…and bragging about it.
  • Desires to be Fuhrer/King and taking steps to become that.
  • Using the presidency as a cash machine. Read the book White House Inc.
  • Rampant nepotism; seeks to establish a family dynasty in the White House.
  • Worships, admires, colludes with, in business with, defends the worst people: Putin, Kim Jong Un, murderer MBS, Erdogan, Orban, Bolsonaro, Duterte, etc.
  • Supported by a cult of insane, armed, racist, violent Q-Anon/white supremacist, gun nut, misogynist, incel Confederates
  • Hates Nature and attempting to destroy all protections for Nature and those who love Nature. Seeking to accelerate mining, logging, fossil fuel industries, hunting, and other plunder that kills our biosphere.
  • Attempting to destroy all regulatory agencies that protect citizens from predatory employers, corporations, pollution, consumer fraud.
  • Uses the federal police agencies and military against citizens and for personal political reasons.
  • Attempts to extort and/or bribe foreign officials to do personal favors for him, give him money, get him reelected.
  • Supports the Zionist genocide of Palestinians; loves Bibi Nuttyahoo.
  • Pathological liar
  • “Accused” rapist
  • Refuses to follow the constitution and wants to defy the electorate if he loses.
  • Encourages violence against journalists, non-violent protesters, minorities, immigrants
  • Loves money more than life itself.
  • Zero history of any authentic philanthropy.
  • Dodged the draft by lying about medical condition and disparages people who were drafted, including those injured or killed in America’s imperialist wars.
  • Malignant narcissist who cares only for himself and those who coddle him.
  • Solicits foreign enemies to interfere in our elections.
  • Seeks to start a new Civil War by dividing America between red and blue states.
  • Pardons war criminals, white-collar criminals, and political criminals who serve him.
  • Uses the DOJ and Barr as his personal law firm and attack dog.
  • Defies Congressional oversight; instructs his subordinates to lie.
  • Hostile to science and scientists.
  • Deliberately lied about COVID-19 and otherwise created a lot more suffering and death than there would have been.
  • Seeking to “punish” women for abortion and for resisting his unwanted pussy-grabbing.

Biden is a neoliberal corporate Dem who has his own sins to answer for. But no objective, intelligent person could fail to see that Trump is by far the worst president ever, and must be purged immediately.


A vote for Kanye or a Green is a vote for Trump.


This: "Is voting for Donald Trump or Joe Biden worse than having a colonoscopy?"

Voting for the Lesser of Two Evils: a Vicious Circle

There are two major parties in the US and they both represent “capital.” But since defining capital is very controversial among economists, let us simply say that both parties represent money, the kind of money that begets more money. This kind of money is sacrosanct. It is a deity. It is worshiped by almost everyone. Having this kind of money, or being backed by it, is essential for getting elected, especially since most voters rely on advertising before voting for a candidate. Many voters, even if poor, admire and highly respect those who have a lot of money.

To sum up, the foreign policies of the two parties, similar to their domestic policies are very similar, since both parties are ruled not by a sense of what is right or wrong, what is moral or immoral, what is ethical or unethical, but by self-expanding money. And this kind of money has no conscience, no morality, and no ethics.



This is such BS. It’s the Dems pissing themselves because Biden is such an awful candidate. And then they come out with

The Protect the Results coalition, which also includes Public Citizen, Common Cause, and MoveOn, says (ttps://protecttheresults.com/) it will demand that every in-person and mail-in vote is counted

And if the election officials say “no”, what will the “Protect” people do about it? Stamp their feet?




To create the credibility of the lesser evil, a far greater evil must be constructed.

Just who will carry out this intended coup, one might ask. A few federal departments such as ICE, a few police departments?

…the National Guard are under the instructions of the state government, the military have already said they will not be party to partisan politics in a future administration transition, the FBI and the NSA and a host of other internal security agencies have repeatedly distanced themselves from Trump.

So it it down to the Proud Boys and the Boogaloo movement?


Even though we preach about doing what we can to oust trump, the “We need a landslide Victory” meme is somehow distasteful. Like bribing the fearful.
There seems to be a limit to how far we go with begging for votes.
We are getting close to whatever historical outcomes are heading our way, and my stomach is starting to rumble.


“For what it’s worth.” Perfect lyrics for our dilemma.

“There’s something happening here,
what it is ain’t exactly clear.”
And the rest of the lyrics are spot on.


The coup occurred in 1963.

The clusterf*** now unfolding is the direct result.

Memory - Denial - Hiding Head in Sand…


With those aviator shades, Uncle Joe looks just like one of those prison chain gang guards in the movie Cool Hand Luke. As a matter of fact, he looks like the one who shot Paul Newman with a rifle.


I feel a little hysterical, but not because Trump said it. I feel that way because he’s doing it.

I’ve been somewhat hysterical since election night of 2016. It has been obvious for decades that Trump is abnormal and an abuser. I knew when he was elected that this country was going to be trashed. In fact, I had jury duty the week following the election, something I wanted to do. I got a medical excuse instead, because I was already having a near breakdown just from the results. I thought I would lose my mind sitting in a room of people who supported such a malignant piece of shite in human form.