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'Five-Alarm Fire': As Trump Plots 'Flat-Out Coup,' Voters Urged to Deliver Biden Landslide to Avoid Chaos

Voting for the lesser evil at least gives you some chance at choosing your death.


We would be smart to just ignore all of the things politicians claim they are going to do which violate the various WTO and especially our own proposed trade agreements, whose main philosophy is ever increasing liberalization. What that means is that the Democratic Party of today is completely fake because the real government ideology is that of transnational capital and that requires every change be a cut of some public service or goood and replacement by a corporate future world that locks in. That few will be able to afford. And a substantial depopulatin in countruies like the US, not any kind of expansions of social safety nets. **This is because jobs are going away, in large numbers, and they are worried about government being expected to help people, meaning more taxation.

So rather than deal with the economic challenges, back in the early 90s they made a decision that since capitalism has won they are using trade deals to lock it in and lock the people who might have claims to the planet out. Replacing us with corporate rights to exploit everything. If people are not making and spending enough money we’re framed as a sort of waste of resources by them. Living too long, etc.

They likely hope to just kill off social safety nets and export jobs for other reasons like lack of an educated workforce, and then just let nature do the job.

I dont know how best to explain this, people here seem to only read the US media which is intentionally deceptive which is what is to be expected since only six corporations run virtually the entire US media. Because this website is wedded to the Democratic Party its wedded to providing information that leads nowhere because our party is wedded to an agenda where it just looks like it is helping us but isnt. It will be that way as long as the Democratic (and Republican) parties are linked at the hip to trade deals that are the most undemocratic deals imaginable.

They completely gut democracy. Look at it this way, the capital owners will invest in their own employees health as long as they are their employees. But they don’t want to be taxed to sustain society we had in the past, or maintain trust as we all should. They are also creating a situation where society as a whole wont be able to afford to fund public higher education, by exporting jobs - even if the factories and offices remain here in the US.
are working very hard to be able to replace their US employees with guest workers both because its cheaper and because they want to stop funding public education. What is the point of educating people who will only want too much and expect too much. Evenerything changes with the WTO, the value of human life falls a lot because its in competition with 7 billion other people and wages fall a lot.

This is what we’re voting for, when we vote for neoliberals - a new global rule which excludes us all, seriously. The reason we’re on this track is a whole ideology thats completely different than what people think. People need to learn more about it to understand whats going on and why. We’re making a huge mistake to trust the captured media.

See the links and documents directories on my web site for lots of factual material which shows you how they think. (I am not endorsing it) Its not unifying the world, its dividing it by pitting people who previously were getting to know one another better, against one another, which is an act of fear and desperation. But unfortunately we’re letting them. Idiots that we are for not seeing whats being done.

Both parties are fake, and working on what I see as a huge global grab of the pllanet and its future. One that cancels democracy. many experts are saying this in various ways, and we should listen.

Lets not let the goons from davos take over our future. We need democracy, they hate it for a reason, and that that it works. We have not had democracy in decades, we’ve been misled so that we would not advance as we should have as a precursor to just pushing us all out.

Off the edge of the economic maps. We and the whole rest of society.

Greed is an illness, that should be recognized. A dark cloud has descened on us and politicians are not what they claim to be. Nor are corporations, many of them. The bad applies have taken over.

They are a cult of money, or a cult of efficiency.

In any case, we’re supposed to be the losers. They decided decades ago. And we will be unless we recognize what they are doing and why.

They are very well organized and we’re like children, very easy to manipulate, they seem to be saying. , The people running this global grab, they see the nullification of democracy and all human dreams (they are creating race to the bottom to enrich themselves alone) as their birtthright, they radiate entitlement and contempt for normal human dreams and lives. Its like taking candy from a baby they seem to be saying to one another. The rich throughout the world have allied to create and then use phony entitlements and rights for corporations to “establishment” that makes sustainable safety netss FTA illegal.

They claim a right to do business, that nullifies all huyman created regulation. MAking all deregulation lock in. Silently ratcheting away all good laws, all the gains of the last 3/4 century, and democracy.

They are really evil people.

This is why they have infantilized US politics. So the country could be stolen from us.

People will have nowhere to go.

There is no ambiguity there, as you’ll see.


Yes, if he thinks he can get away with it, that’s what he’ll try.

He is waiting for Mitch McConnell to jam Amy Coney Barrett into the supreme court before he gets too stupid. Once she is seated, he will own SCOTUS as well as the Senate, and can do just darn near anything he pleases.

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