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'Five-Alarm Threat to Our Food Supply': Monsanto-Bayer Merger Advances


'Five-Alarm Threat to Our Food Supply': Monsanto-Bayer Merger Advances

Nika Knight, staff writer

Monsanto accepted Bayer's $66 billion takeover offer—the largest all-cash takeover offer ever made—on Wednesday morning.

While anti-trust agencies around the world review the proposed mega-merger, environmental and consumer advocates roundly condemned the creation of what will be the largest pesticide and GMO corporation in the world.


This proposed merger is a textbook case for why the TTIP, TPP, and other so-called trade deals cannot be allowed to pass.


So the Germans are going to own our plant seeds and basically our food.


The relentless retrenchment of the 0.01% abides.
Bayer has $66,000,000,000 in CASH for this purchase.
Two uber rogue corporations metastasized into one even larger and more above the (chuckle) law.


“[T]he antitrust enforcers must not allow this merger to proceed,”: and we, the people of the globe, need to put the feet of the “enforcers” to the fire. As I have said numerous times, the wrong people–the poor, people of color–are in jail. Total non cooperation before they achieve our extermination.


At this stage of the game, nothing Monsanto does is to be trusted.


A huge criminal conspiracy against the environment and the planet.
Oh, the planet will still be there in a hundred years, even in a few billion years, but all life on it will be irreparably altered after these bandits get through with it. And for what?! - A few more dollars in their pockets of the share holders.


Let us not stir up any sentiment against other nations! Both companies are listed on the New York Stock Exchange and owned by supporters of their crimes throughout the globe.
Would you like Monsanto if it had remained headquartered here? - Would you then be proud to be associated with them?


I’m sure the merger will occur. Too much money has been paid to those politicians so any investigation will be another PR stunt. UK and Europe seem to understand this cycle of human genocide and have blocked pesticides, GMO grains and food to their countries. Too bad the US is owned by the very ones destroying food and water sources.

They (and the ones they have bought) don’t seem to be concerned about the bee die-off which effects birds, larger predators etc. all the way up the food chain (and ground contamination). I’m sure in some dark, dank, research lab they are working endlessly to create GMO foods that don’t require bee pollination or Lady Bugs (or other insects and birds and bats, etc.) that will be (of course) absolutely without taste or nutritious and creating more illnesses for Big Pharma to profitize. Oh yeah, the future looks really bright alright for us humans and animals.


Beyer wants to pay $66 billion dollars…in cash.
They had at least $66 billion in cash laying around.

Isn’t this merger a textbook example of how corporations form monopolies?
Federal law prohibits the existence of corporate monopolies.
Why is the federal government even entertaining the possibility of this monopolistic merger?

F****** Capitalists.


We have a system where sociopaths win it is that simple to me.


Who knows what foolishness lurks in the heart of Wall Street. There is some history in failing US chemical companies. They tend to get “bought” after they have learned that the chemicals they sold are causing large health concerns, and there looks like huge bills will be coming in soon. A good example is Union Carbide and that little Indian event, where people remain sick, poor and dead. So, the game is to sell assets to some guy in Skunkville, OK, or at least the assets that have attracted the liability threat. Of course that guy has about ten dollars of net positive assets, and is not on the internet. So, Dow picks up the Union Carbide ownership, but not the liability. DuPont is smoking now, because of the C8 stuff, read Gore Tex, and the resulting dead frogs, etc. DuPont coined that wonderful slogan, “Better Living Through Chemistry”, just to prove that irony is not dead. Dow, the inventor of Agent Orange, something the folks in Viet Nahm can tell you about, recently merged with DuPoint, of course, and one guesses lots of Dow’s troublesome “assets” will be off loaded. So, what is up with Monsanto? Certainly the reality of Roundup is clear. Weeds are clever, as every gardener learns. Current weeds think Roundup tastes just fine. So, the big no cultivation claim is nonsense. One can get improved crop yields with Monsanto patented seeds, but only if you really dump considerable fertilizer and water on them. And there are rather sinister data emerging about other troublesome side effects with that Roundup product. One suspects that Bayer knows full well what they bought, and Wall Street knows some sure route of attach all liability issue to some guy in Portugal. It would be interesting to find how much Monsanto paid Bayer to get bought.


I want them tried and their executives and board of directors and the sorry legal firm that sent over 15 000 pages of toxicology reports on glyphosate to the EPA as “TradeSecrets” .

Did not that Democratic Party Hillary work for the Rose Law firm doing intellectual property rights work for Monsanto? Stranger too that this diversion is happening just before an international public tribunal is about to commence in October at the Hague and right before the USA elections.


Please explain.


The pro trust, anti trust agencies will enthusiastically review this proposal and approve it with assurances that the free market is being served.
How bout a new name for this monster corporation - Monsanto-Bayer Fascist Enterprises Inc.?


A link you and others may find informative, but not really shocking, as we already are aware of the true intentions of our leadership. http://www.globalresearch.ca/why-hillary-clinton-wont-allow-her-corporate-speeches-to-be-published/5533094 Video inclusive. On constitutionality. http://www.theatlantic.com/politics/archive/2015/06/tpp-isds-constitution/396389