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Five Dallas Officers Dead After 'Calculated' Ambush During Peaceful March



Blowback, American style...


Violence doesn't solve anything they say - the families of the police no doubt love their sons and daughters as much as victims of police violence love theirs. There have been repeated examples of violence that should have brought the same grief and concern and statements of solidarity AND action to stop violence we are hearing today - but action did not come, reform did not come, only words and empty promises as more and more families suffered and grieved for their loved ones - little or nothing changed - and here we are today.

When a system is geared to protecting official violence for near countless abuses, violence, and killings, accountability remains absent, or calls for real reform made a mockery and perceived travesty, the result can be violence - violence begets violence. It is always the powerful who must create change and lead.

"We as a nation must undergo a radical revolution of values" Dr King said, and that is especially true in our justice system and "law enforcement" where the powerful and wealthy guilty often go free and the weak and powerless innocent are made victims of a system that rewards and shields abuse.

The outpouring of words as a result of the tragedies of the past few days unfortunately do not signal a change from "law enforcement", but more of the same - perhaps it's too soon, but we have heard and seen this pattern after every black son or daughter was killed - over the past years and decades, too many tragedies and innocents killed have brought no real change and the tragic consequences are plain to see.........unless there is REAL change from the top - more families will experience tragedy and feel grief.


"WHEN the people no longer fear your power,
It is a sign that a greater power is coming.

Interfere not lightly vith their dwelling,
Nor lay heavy burdens upon their livelihood.
Only when you cease to weary them,
They will cease to be wearied of you.

Therefore, the Sage knows himself,
But makes no show of himself,
Loves himself,
But does not exalt himself.
He prefers what is within to what is without." ---Lao Tzu


"WHEN the people are no longer afraid of death,
Why scare them with the spectre of death?

If you could make the people always afraid of death,
And they still persisted in breaking the law,
Then you might with reason arrest and execute them,
And who would dare to break the law?

Is not the Great Executor always there to kill?
To do the killing for the Great Executor
Is to chop wood for a master carpenter,
And you would be lucky indeed if you did not hurt
your own hand!" ---Lao Tzu


The only real question about this is why did it take so long?
Considering all that has transpired over the past few years, the amount of restraint has been remarkable.


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Violence progeny is violence. I have always heard when justice can not be found in the courts that it will be randomly applied in the streets. This violence must be stopped, grievances must be given voice. It seems the American people like it government feel violence and revenge is the answer to frustration.


Have you read the list of grievances in the Declaration of Independence? They still apply today only the power-elite has changed. The wars in the Middle East are a history of how violence is used by BOTH sides to force wills.


Our police kill to "solve a problem".
Our government kills to "solve problems".
So is it any surprise our citizens kill to "solve problems"?

"Kill all the bad guys!" .. does not work.
In self defense, defined in very narrow terms, yes .. it solves that problem.
But that's not what our police do, nor what our govt does ..

Until that culture changes, the mass shootings & everyday homicides will continue ..
Alas ..


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The condemnations now for this attack on "white" police officers will be very strong -- in
contrast with to the lack of any real response to the growing numbers of murders of
"black" Americans by our police officers. For more than 30 years now we have had what
is clearly racist and brutal police enforcement across the nation which isn't happening by
accident or coincidence. This violence will only bring down more violence on AA
communities everywhere. We need to continue to push our government to make police
enforcement look more like the communities they serve. And change the training so that
there is less opportunity to do damage of any kind to unarmed citizens of any color.

The news that Bernie would endorse Hillary is heartbreaking.
It defies all logic, contradicts everything he's ever said about Hillary Clinton as being too
much in the pockets of banks and corporations to be president.
From what I saw, Bernie was overjoyed with the response from the public that he
received -- not only for himself, but because the public has been able to speak through
him and show that this is a liberal nation.
The primaries were quite obviously stolen from Bernie Sanders and since just before
the CA primary he seemed to be under great stress.
The level of theft of votes from Bernie and the many ways this had to be done began
to very clearly show the evil of the Democratic Party itself, now under the flag of the
Koch Bros/John Birch Society and other large corporations/Wall Street. This is the
flag of Elites -- not the flag of the people.
What may be keeping Bernie Sanders in this party is difficult to say. His alleged fear
of Trump and the GOP isn't something I can really buy because for almost three weeks
now the press has been kicking Trump to the curb for Hillary.
Elites know they can rely on HillBill -- and find Trump "too volatile."
Bernie Sanders, I believe, is a man of conscience and right now what he is doing, I do
not think reflects what is in his heart or head.


You nailed it!
"Justice in the Courts, or Justice in the Streets"
That is history.


According to reliable source Bernie will endorse HRC on Tuesday.


Basic chemistry:

Main component: LOTS of guns

Add in: Economic duress

Add in: A charged election process that energizes racism

Final ingredient: Major financial uncertainty, and/or financial tension in the lives of a majority of U.S. citizens

Result: Periodic fiery discharges

These outcomes are baked into the mix.

People ARE angry. The political system is a farce. The economic system is legalized graft and corruption. The courts serve the Bad Actors most of the time.

What's amazing is how LITTLE violence is breaking out (or aimed at figures of authority) given the INSULTS so many are living with.

Plus, nature is raising the temperature on all of these "baked cakes."


Things are changing as public opinion creates an undertow beneath this brutal and
racist police enforcement which we've been suffering across the nation for the last
30 years and more. AA communities are rising up courageously to stand against
this brutality. And in that way, "whites" and other communities can stand with them.
No one can stand with violence. Most of all the AA communities know this -- i.e.,
that the "white" power structure has for some long time been trying to make it look
as though AA communities were rising up in a race war. This attempt has been
made many times and AA's have never taken the bait. More than any of us they
understand that violence is something which would only bring more pain to their
communities. And -- that the greatest courage is required to act non-violently as
they have been doing in protest. We need more of the public -- the "white" public
to respond in call for less racist police enforcement. We also need to end this filthy
Drug War which has created so many opportunities for brutal and intrusive police
enforcement, particularly in AA communities.
And, we need to bring down the NRA and the insanity of a "Wild West America."

While BLM's has gotten off to a rather strange start, the base of the movement
which began with "Mothers" of those shot by police officers is a movement which
can be supported by "non-black" communities across the nation. We all need to
continue to raise our voices against racist and murderous police enforcement
anywhere. This racist, violent and brutal police enforcement has to be seen and
understood as a threat to all the people. And we all have to join in speaking out
against it. And in supporting a non-violent response in any way we can.


Boston: False Flag, bomber's Uncle See-Eye-Aye, FBI doing a terrorist drill gave him explosives
Orlando: False Flag, FBI again had him under investigation, did nothing.
Dallas: ???????

Motive: Disarm the common citizens


The black community is always the first to suffer the policies of the elites and it is beyond belief how the black community has been and is being treated today. I think I can understand the anger and that justice seems to only be found in the streets, but look around many are suffering due to the elite's policies, all those suffering need to come together as one and force the changes needed, because our politicians, controlled by the monied power-elite, will only give lip service and no relief. We live in a very re-action.....ary nation and must not give reason to that reaction unless a full scale war is unleashed. Those that are the gate keepers the enforces of the power- elite must be educated to the fact they are killing their brothers, sisters, families, friends in their efforts to please their paymasters so they will voluntarily lay down their weapons and join their true families in their efforts to form true change.


The term is "rein in."