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Five Deadly Sins of Big Pharma


Five Deadly Sins of Big Pharma

Paul Buchheit

For Mylan, it was a perfect plan—diabolical, unstoppable. The company made changes in its anti-allergy EpiPen dispenser in 2009, enough to give it patent protection. Then, in 2012, it began to give away free pens to schools, gradually making school nurses at least partly dependent on them.


Shouldn't our health care system be highly regulated by the people through their elected government?
That's one way of asking if our health care industry should, or should not, be nationalized.
Medicare for all, which is a single-payer, universal system, only works if the profit-motive is dramatically reduced or eliminated entirely.
Industries can be run either by greedy Capitalists out to make the largest possible profit or by government (we the people) owned and operated factories and administrative centers.
Everything is cheaper if you remove the cost of profit.


Note to Loretta Lynch: It is not the "lone wolf" who is the terrorist, it is the neoliberal politicians (including you) who have allowed the 1% to destroy people's lives all over the world who are the real terrorists.



Nationalize all pharmaceuticals, and all healthcare! America has never had a medical doctor as president, but a whole bunch of F-U lawyers, though. Harvard trained Dr. Jill Stein M.D., and Ajamu Baraka can change this country, and also the world, and take us all to a better place. Lets go to that better place, please.


Wouldn't "real change" be Medicare for all?
And why can't "we the people" have it?


We can, and have, enumerated the multiple sins of the big businesses (Pharma, Fossil Fuels, Health 'Insurance', Bankers, etc.) that are destroying lives and the environment. Articles like this have been played and replayed. What we need is a viable plan and a call to specific action.

Perhaps it is my failure of imagination, but I do not see how this can be done peacefully, given current realities. But I am ready and willing, in the context of that viable plan, to put this old body at the front of the line to take apart the status quo.


"Power to the people!" What does that phrase mean to you?
To me it means that "we the people" are in charge and it's about time we began exercising our power.
There are maybe 2 million of "them" (at most) and 300 million of us.

"They" can't abide peaceful non-co-operation, because "they" know it means "their" downfall.


I talked to my Dr. last week, he said the epipen is just one a hundreds of medications where the price has skyrocketed in recent years.

imo, each new young generation of elites tries to find a way to 'make thier mark' by finding a new way to fleece the people. It's been going on since forever in the US, and it's getting worse - who will stop it? Dems? Clinton? Obomber? Repiglicans? No, not ever.


Drug double dealing


If the Nation's Health was an actual Government Priority and Government Function we would not, today, be facing an era of Antibiotic Resistant Superbugs.


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