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Five Faces Of Dystopia


Five Faces Of Dystopia

Paul Buchheit

Based on reliable news sources, his biographer, and his own writings, the most powerful man of his era has been referred to as an "egomaniac" and "narcissist," possessing a "big mouth" with an "impulsive style," unable to differentiate between truth and falsehood, preferring emotion over facts, focused on national greatness and law & order, fearful of "foreignization," prone to coarseness and put-downs in speeches, and fond of "mantralike phrases" filled with "accusations, vows of revenge and promises for the future."



Thank you Paul Bucheit for the practice of stepping back a bit and weaving presentations of historical context for purposes of polishing the lenses, wiping the frames and handing us a pair.

Perhaps its just me, but Greek and ancient Roman history also tickles my funny bone these days. Rome as presenting metronome dependability as model for empire and Greece for the spider's threads of thought. One of the latter being 'Coincidentia oppositorum' :

"(...) "The term is also used in describing a revelation of the oneness of things previously believed to be different. Such insight into the unity of things is a kind of transcendence, and is found in various mystical traditions. The idea occurs in the traditions of Tantric Hinduism and Buddhism, in German mysticism, Taoism, Zen and Sufism, among others."

To wit, the notions of the parasite, today arguably epitomized by the practices and prison of the oligarchic mind, casts (in all senses of the term) the Coincidentia oppositorum to the invaluable winds of ancient Greco-Roman comedy. Food of the gods, nutrient for the long haul, and the smiles that launch liberty... the dance of word play, puns and perspective in perpetual rebirth.

The University of Leeds has 1999 essay posted on this:
"The parasite, or flatterer, has a long tradition in Graeco-Roman comedy, going back ultimately to Epicharmus.[1] All parasites, both Greek and Roman, share in varying degrees certain comic characteristics - impudence, wit and, especially in the Roman variety, a keen interest in food."


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