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Five GOP Health Care Buzz Phrases You Need to Inoculate Yourself Against


Five GOP Health Care Buzz Phrases You Need to Inoculate Yourself Against

Julie Chinitz

Bruised in heated town halls in Florida, Tennessee, Georgia and elsewhere, the right wing in Congress now realizes it could pay a steep political price for throwing tens of millions of people off their health care, destabilizing our health care system, and putting people at risk of death.


Language is a virus whose complications won't be covered


The Republican Party is "pro-life" only until you are born. After that, you are "on your own". This is the consequence of a 19th Century political party running the country here in the 21st Century.


I want to know how we can effectively block these efforts.


After 217 years as a political party representing all of the citizens of the United States, and 'this' is the best Health Care system that the Republicans can deliver?

This is another 'Con Job' designed to cost average Americans huge sums, while reducing tax burdens on the wealthy.

The Republicans really believe the average citizen is totally ignorant and will continue to take the $hit they are feeding us.


Convince people not to vote Republican.


Well, notice that they have a coherent and concise message, in fact they have lots of messages. From "smaller government, lower taxes, free markets" to "job creators,, inefficient government bureaucracy" to "death panels, Obamacare" and "health savings accounts," they always have lots of carefully crafted and tested messages, and then they repeat those a bazillion times because that's how you persuade/program people's thinking. Progressives have to have clear and concise frames that reflect our moral values, then we need to all coordinate and agree to repeat the same phrase a bazillion times. And we need two sets of ideas and associated frames: We need ideas and frames to honestly but directly attack what they are doing ("family hostile policies, family-hostile GOP, people-killing policies, cruel and immoral policies") and we need ideas and frames for what we believe in ("life-saving health insurance, health care rights, right to health care, etc.) Then we need to repeat those a bazillion times and teach them what the ideas mean.


I blame the so-called media. Although print media does a better job, just as this article is able to explain what is in our best interest, most people get their so-called news from television.

These issues should be discussed by debates on the subject, a good old back and forth, with charts and power point facts, real facts, not alternative facts. This should be a regular part of the television news, not occasions for pundits to discuss whether it's possible politically or not. Only experts unconnected to political think tanks would deliver the facts. What an education this epuld be!

Party politics only confuses people's understanding of these issues and people will blindly follow party policies rather than thinking for themselves.