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Five Hundred Days of Injustice: On the Imprisonment of Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/09/23/five-hundred-days-injustice-imprisonment-luiz-inacio-lula-da-silva


Thanks for this!
Lula was railroaded in a kangaroo court soft coup to remove him from running and to install the diaster for the entire world the Bolsonaro regime.
The new evidence must be exposed and Lula released to serve justice, Brazil, and save Amazonia, as well the entire world!


Bolsonaro is doubtless yet another National Endowment for Democracy project, a “soft coup” brought to us courtesy of the usual imperial goons, who now have the whole doomed rainforest in their gunsights. There’s little question whether we Earthlings are totally screwed at this point. We’re so screwed we don’t even know how much plastic has been absorbed into our bodies. We’re so screwed they’re burning down trees a hundred times faster than we can possibly replant. We’re so far beyond screwed you can’t even see screwed from here.

The only questions left are when and whether the oppressed will not stand for it anymore.


Laws made by the rich only apply to the poor.


It seem to have been forgotten that in 2015-16 Greenwald sided with the Brazilian far right in going after Lula and Dilma. Those were the days when Greenwald instinctively sided with anyone who was “populist” anyone who cries “corruption” and against the “centrist liberal-urban elites”.

He seems to have changed his tune now. Better late than never.

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Your comment reflects a very superficial grasp of what Greenwald has been writing about Brazil. Maybe if you went back and read it again, you wouldn’t sound so ignorant.

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It appears that the Brazilian judiciary and government are more corrupt than the US counterpart.

Greenwald comes from the school of journalism that suggests that Journalists should report on wrongdoings in Government no matter who in power so that the people can make informed decisions.

Others seem to think that if the party a given journalist favors is in power they should remain silent on wrongdoing and report only the good stuff.

Give me Greenwald over FOX news any day of the week.

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