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Five Justices Cannot Break the Solidarity of America’s Unions

Five Justices Cannot Break the Solidarity of America’s Unions

Lee Saunders

The U.S. Supreme Court’s decision in Janus v. AFSCME Council 31 is a ruthless and brazen attack on the freedom of working people. It caps off a shocking Supreme Court term, which saw the justices threaten the rights of women, LGBTQ people, Muslims, and now public service workers.


A gentle word to the wise. Get the word DIGNITY in the union slogans. When an “individual” is “proud” s/he is ISOLATED IN REWARD. I would submit that the empty “proud” needs to be left in the dust bin of failures. If nothing else, survey membership and potential members on the two words and see what you come up with.
Dignity infers interconnection in coherent integrity. Maybe its time for a change.

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Are you serious-------I think unions have been broken since Reagan. And as a low wage slave I listen to all the benefits that the public sector gets , which I pay for through all the taxes I pay and just wonder how this should work???Maybe the public sector unions should have demanded a stop to all the corruption in gov and focus on helping the private sector???

Some old concepts are still good, , and they did work with Fords and paying people really well so they
could afford to buy their own product.
Can people at Best Buy afford their own products? Who would have guessed that weird Henry Ford was on to something along with the assembly line.
Lots of icky things about Ford, but having standards and great pay was what helped to create a middle class------now that much of that is gone due to jobs leaving or pay not rising at all----------------Maybe some of old Henry’s ideas should be looked at again and especially looked at again by those people who are supposed to be national leaders.

The workers in the federal government are NOT responsible at all for the perceived corruption…that is the sole fault of management at these agencies. Please get smart and think before you speak…otherwise you sound like and ignorant GOP anti-government deplorable who is NOT on the side of working people or unions,.

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Because 5 conservative justices ruled in favor of management and corporate elites, not unions. …it is clearly another sign that our government (including the courts) has been taken over by rich oligarchs who want to destroy our democracy…in favor of authoritarianism and fascism. That is what this is about dude.

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“perceived corruption”--------many states are facing real issues when it comes to paying the pensions of public employee’s. Or police officers who work all kinds of overtime near their retirement to boost their pensions. I wish I could just tell my employer , yea I’m going to work overtime------not happening. There is a form of corruption when politicians agree to these unions on things they know tax payers will be forced to pay down the road. And the leaders of these unions should of had full understanding that these future benefits were not realistic.

Exactly- this is about workers not about managment.

Stop punishing the workers. Also, if you had wanted to be a police officer for example you might have had the chance.

These elites forgot that if workers and people in general cannot afford anything they won’t buy their products. even Henry Ford who was also known as a bigot realized this.

Luckily, he will have a new Court that’s going to fulfill his fantasies about breaking contracts with workers while protecting the contracts of CEOs and CFOs.

The workers are worried because the unions are protecting only seven per cent of workers in this country. I guess you support right to work for less. Please stop your bioching about teachers also. It is unbecoming.

No. I would not want to be the front line of the military corporate police state.

Well, if we all lie down, he will. BTW- few people know this- but Dump has over fifty lawsuits against him including ones that show he is harming the environment and people in general. Also he broke the emoluments clause of the constitution. The “fundies” are so silly they only care about rights of the “unborn” as long as it’s someone else’s kid.

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Police fire fighters, emts and teachers ( and more) put themselves on the line every day. Think about that. If you do not want to pay taxes, then you sound like a corrupt Wall Streeter.

Believe it or not there are some CEOs ( usually in other countries) that think of their workers as extended family. Saw a PBS special about that. A CEO from Denmark couldn’t believe that a whiny American journalist supported outsourcing workers. The inpatient CEO from Denmark got quite testy with the whiny spoiled American.

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Then you are a defender of the military corporate police state-------I support INDIVIDUAL FREEDOM-----AND I SUPPORT WHAT IS REAL-----THE COMMONS! Nation states are a creation of the elite.

Individual freedom to do what- bash others in order to “defend” your religion and love your guns??? What does that have to do with public union workers? Please go to bed and obey your curfew, and don’t forget to fly your confederate flag.

The supreme court case is about public unions. Please read. It’s called Janus . The ruling was last week, and it is about public unions. Only seven per cent of workers in this country belong to a union, and those happen to be public workers. Got it??? No, I didn’t think so.

You support what is real???Then why is your name illusion- and what do you have to do with a supreme court ruling against unions? Oh, I forgot - maybe you too were paid by the Kochs.