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Five Men Sentenced to Life for Operation Condor Killings Trained at School of the Americas

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/07/17/five-men-sentenced-life-operation-condor-killings-trained-school-americas


They should indict Henry Kissinger too, who enabled this fascist network. HRC’s “friend”.


William Blum’s Killing Hope is a great book that reveals many of the dastardly deeds involved with the US’ rectal insertion of “democracy” worldwide.


That’s probably where I first learned about Condor.

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Why doesn’t this surprise me…USA involvement? I wonder how many other things the general public doesn’t know about elements of our government doing hideous actions.


Americans must be the worst, most immoral, unethical and uncivilized First World people on Earth! I would be so ashamed to have a government that fosters such evil as the School of the Americas. I would be even more ashamed, to know that all the death and destruction, the US visits upon so many poor peoples Worldwide, is paid for by my taxes. It is disgusting and perverse!


Hi Archie:
I think that with Trump. Pompeo and Bolton-----the world is beginning to catch on. We are seeing the first movements of other nations walking away on tiptoe… or at least a distance away as they see what this 21st century America has evolved into. So–we were the only nation left standing after WW 2----but that was a long time ago, and sanctioning the whole world is not helping us to have a functioning economy. I think that Shakespeare’s phrase of : " Hoisted on his own petard," now belongs to TrumpAmerica. : (

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Thank you for this report, Brett. It’s quite comprehensive on this 73 year-old School of Assassins.

Over the years, groups from Dubuque have the joined the School of Americas Watch rallies in November at Fort Benning, and I’ve joined three of them, though the most recent was 2008.

May we all see the day when the US closes the Western Hemisphere Institute for Security Cooperation, aka School of Assassins.


Archie, this country was built on blood and it’s been going down that way for a very long time.

Most Americans are deluded either consciously or unconsciously. Not all but many. The rest of us have been attempting to make change for a very very very long time.

Our latest leadership is the manifestation of that foundation of lies and brutality. It’s been a long haul.


About time! Let’s hope Italian courts also go after the perpetrators of Operation Gladio, NATO’s dirty tricks campaign against the left in the 1960s and 1970s. (Guess who basically controls NATO?)


And continues to do today.

Crimes by right wing dictators and crimes against humanity will go unpunished as long as the Big Bully allows them. Central and South American mayhem has been greatly abetted by all administrations since the Coup D’etat on 11/22/63. The day democracy died.


And the Irania coup in '54?

Two books that really opened my eyes are “The New Confessions of an Economic Hit Man” and “Democracy Inc.” The world makes much more sense now. Main stream media is not your friend, but you probably already knew that. Our indoctrination system would have been a wet dream for Hitler and his accomplices.