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Five Months of Trump: The Tipping Point


Five Months of Trump: The Tipping Point

Bob Burnett

Five months into the Trump regime, we've reached the tipping point. It may take more than a year to play out, but the presidency of Donald Trump is coming to an end. Meantime, congressional Republicans—acknowledging the Administration is running out of runway—have decided to ram through as much toxic legislation as they can while Trump is in the White House.


Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.

And then we get President Pence.

Thanks for the great article, Silicon Valley Millionaire.


I would not be so confident that the Trump presidency is headed toward its end. And certainly Trump doesn't believe it. I read he just had his first fundraiser for 2020. I would go on the assumption that Trump will somehow survive the four years and possibly even win another term. This means that the top priority should be defending democracy to prevent the US from sliding into fascism. Trump's lies cannot accepted as the new normal. His presidency cannot be accepted as a normal presidency. We should assume the worst, that he will remain in office and keep resisting his efforts to tear down democratic institutions and replace them with the rule of one man.


Bumping off Trump (though he certainly deserves it) will make things worse, under Pense and GOP Congress.

Please see CD article: "Why We Need 4 Years of Trump," by Steven Kinzer:


Trump is the best smokescreen the GOP has ever had to provide the cover they need to enact their sinister agenda. They will protect Trump as long as the smokescreen continues to work for them.


Why is an early termination of Tweetle-Dumb's presiduncy good news?  His replacement, V.P. Mike Pence,
is a far-right ideologue who will work even more closely with the worst elements of the RePooplican Party to advance their pro-Korporate "Christian" theocracy.  It's more likely that they are hurrying to ram through as much toxic legislation and take over as much of the judiciary as possible before the 2018 elections. OTOH, if they see him as becoming a major liability in 2018, the House RePooplicans may indeed start impeachment hearings a year from now so that they can take as much credit as possible for "saving Amerika from the evil Russkies", and Trumpty-Dumpty may indeed Take a Great Fall.

Exactly – and not a minute longer!!   Remember who was the core of the "Never Trump" movement . . .


If Trump were to be removed, especially in 2018, closer to the midterms, the Democrats would sweep the House, maybe even the Senate, and many state offices (which would be important for redistricting).

Why? Because it could only happen with participation of many congressional Republicans. That would put GOP voters into a state of civil war, die hard Trumpers against their imaginary more "establishment" reps. Some would go Libertarian, and more wouldn't vote at all. Democrats, however, would march to the polls like a triumphant army.

Republican leaders are well aware of these facts. They wouldn't risk an impeachment vote unless Trump became a rotting carcass stinking up the whole country. Which is very likely to happen.

Impeachment will be a Republican decision. But whatever they decide, the stink will make 2018 a Democratic year. OUR job is to nominate as many truly PROGRESSIVE Democrats as possible.


Indeed. The Democrats would easily get a win in 2018 but they are so beholden to their corporate representatives that they are willing to keep losing instead of going in the direction the people want. Hopefully we can nominate progressive democrats in 2018 because progressive democrats currently in power are as rare as seeing a unicorn.


If the troll is replaced by Vice President Pence, most of the evil
Republican policies would remain the same.

I see two possible advantages of replacing the troll with Pence.

It is possible Pence will lack the charisma to keep the troll's
fanatical supporters enthusiastic. They may fall away over
the following year.

I think Pence won't be able to distract attention from real issues
with antics, as the troll does.