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Five New Year's Resolutions for Cognitively-Deprived Conservatives

Five New Year's Resolutions for Cognitively-Deprived Conservatives

Paul Buchheit

Many conservatives shy away from the facts, but a willingness to consider them would be a good way to start 2016.

1. Accept that Poverty Causes Marital Problems, Not the Other Way Around

The entire concept of that used tissue we print “In God We Trust” is as fictional as God itself.
There are a few people who benefit from the fictional paper that is printed for their sole benefit.
These are the people who somehow have direct access to this fund via government contracts, or are part of the printing machine like the fraudulently called Federal Reserve. and its direct participants, the large banks.

If you choose not be part of massive machine that perpetuates this fraud, or you have not possibility of benefiting the machine, the fossil fuel fed giant war apparatus will pin point you for a drone attack, and further add to the coffers of the said few that have the intravenous connection to Quantitative easing.

All the boohooing Hedges et al do on our behalf would be wiped away with a single stroke of changing the means of exchange to something meaningful.

Are you part of those privileged few?
Why aren’t you dead yet?
Some one call the cops.

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When are intelligent people on the left going to recognize and admit that our problem is not cognitive but emotional? Obviously, because there is that denial (aka dissociation) from the left to mirror and enable the much more directly harmful denial on the right, we know that it’s not just conservatives with the emotional disease. All the cognitive problems (and all the other problems) we have are a result of this emotional disease, and it’s not just individual, either, it’s systemic. We carry parts of it for each other, and will keep doing that as long as we refuse to recognize its existence. Every one of the resolutions should be part of a practice to become more aware of our own (and their own) emotional dysfunctions, and to fix them.

Here are some suggestions:

  1. Accept that what ails us is emotional, and that it’s somatic (mind and body, inseparably), and systemic.

  2. Accept that we won’t survive the immediate crisis without at least recognizing this, and we won’t survive the larger psycho-ecological crisis (with its social, cultural, religious, economic and political effects) without taking significant action to heal it.

  3. Begin a practice of study, treatment and recovery and begin to act in concert with those who recognize the symptoms and can help with the disease.

  4. Create a society made of structures, institutions, traditions and relationships that heal the disease rather than cause it like those we have now.

  5. Act now as if we already lived in that society and move rapidly to avert global climate and the larger ecological catastrophe.


Our problem is not cognitive?

You might want to read a paper published in the journal “Intelligence” that concludes there is a negative correlation between cognitive ability and conservative beliefs.

The reason this is true is that the biggest mistake humans make is to reason from a priori (this means knowledge derived from theoretic deduction and not from evidence) assumptions to conclusions. People tend to think like Aristotle. Aristotle made the a priori assumption that all things have a telos (an end or final purpose). He then concluded that the reason rocks fall to the earth when dropped is because their telos is to be near the earth,

All conservatives make the a priori assumption that limited government and low taxes are good. The reason they make this assumption is that two main tenets of conservative philosophy are: 1) supply-side economics; and, 2) Social Darwinism.

Supply-side economics is the view that taxes should be cut on the wealthy because something will trickle down to the rest of us (Mitt Romney famously said on “60 Minutes” that he deserved to pay low taxes because he created jobs). The Great Depression proved Keynesian economics correct (the Great Depression ended when the government began to spend massively to fight WWII) and supply-side economics bunk.

Social Darwinism is the view that the rich are rich because they are more fit than the poor who are less fit because they are dependent on the government (Romney’s 47%). This is nonsense because the logic is circular. If I am rich, then it is because I am more fit and if I am more fit, then it is evident in the fact I am rich.


If love is only lust and need, how does capitalism kill it?

Your points are well taken but irrelevant to your argument, since they don’t say anything about WHY right wingers think those things. The reasons are emotional. That is…

A problem we have is cognitive, but a large reason for poorer reasoning, and by far the most important reason lower intelligence leads to a mainstream political party of scapegoating hatred, racism, religious and class prejudice, violence and all the other insanity of the right, is psychological. You can try to reason with the holders of all those opinions all you want but as you demonstrate with your circular argument example, you’ll get nowhere with the vast majority; they don’t have the inner resources to deal with their perceived problems any better without some form of therapy. The argument is circular because they have no idea why they believe those things, and the after-the-fact reasons they find to support their unconscious emotionally-arrived-at positions never lead them into any more insight than they started with. In circles is the only place they can go without becoming more aware of their own motivations; that takes more emotional maturity or resources.

Wtty- I like! Should be written on every sh-t house wall from the Everglades to Prudhoe Bay…