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Five Questions for Trump Transition Team


Five Questions for Trump Transition Team

Public Citizen

After the Trump-Pence transition team was beleaguered by news that it was swarming with lobbyists and other special interests, it issued an ethics policy that appeared to significantly reduce the official role that lobbyists would be permitted to play.


Thanks to PC for taking the time and effort. They probably know the answers already.


When would the T-P team ever consent to read those questions let along answer them? Transparency - not a chance: accept bribes - absolutely; making visitors, etc. sign non-disclosure statements - failure to do so would banish them to the tower for life; integrity be damned; morality - what does that mean?; quid pro quo is their mantra and SOP. The only rules to be followed are those dictated by the emperor himself, which will change based on his mood and/or obsessive need to exert control over his minions and all in his purview.

Our nation is in crisis with the pres-elect pushing the buttons, pulling the chains, and building a platform on hate/cruelty/xenophobia/bigotry and unabashed grinding greed.